Updated tool to find WELS churches

The WELS Locator tool has received a makeover. The trusted online tool that helps WELS members find churches when they travel the country or recommend churches to friends and acquaintances has new and updated functions.

The previous WELS Locator application was rewritten and enveloped into the existing WELS Online Yearbook. Now, with the Locator integrated into the Online Yearbook, you can now find a church or school by proximity or criteria you enter. You can enter an address, city, state, or zip code and find all organizations within a radius of miles you determine.

Also available within the Locator is a function to filter your search results by special criteria, including church, pre-school, elementary school, high school, counseling center, and care facility. Other filters—like signed services, hearing loop, personal sound equipment, livestreaming, and languages offered—relate specifically to worship.

In the Online Yearbook you can search for a called worker’s name or city and receive a listing of those that match. Clicking on a called worker will reveal a profile that shows contact information, year graduated, and what organization they work for.

There are a number of ways to find the Yearbook/Locator. You can simply visit the synod’s website at wels.net and click on the “Find a Church/School” (formerly “WELS Locator”) at the top of the page. This will take the visitor directly to the “Organization” tab of the Online Yearbook. You may also visit the Yearbook site directly at yearbook.wels.net, or the Locator portion at locator.wels.net. Finally, if you use the WELS Mobile app, you can find a link to the Locator in the side menu or the Yearbook itself under the Synod Reports area. Download WELS Mobile at m.wels.net.

To learn more about the new Locator and Yearbook or to view a video demonstration, view the WELS Technology blog at wels.net/blogs.

A printed version of the Yearbook is available for purchase from Northwestern Publishing House. Order online at nph.net.