Thank You from Christian Aid and Relief – 12/21/2021

When the set time had fully come, God sent his Son (Galatians 4:4).

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
WELS Christian Aid and Relief is privileged to serve the hurting and helpless in Jesus’ name. In times of disaster, we deploy volunteers to clean up the mess and restore order. When people need food, water, or medicine, we send the needed supplies. When one of our brothers or sisters is hurting, we do all we can to help and bring relief. We try to do these things in a timely fashion so that people receive the help they need as soon as possible.

When we deploy volunteers, send humanitarian aid, or help the hurting, we are just imitating what God has done for us. Of course, his acts of mercy and compassion are on a much grander scale.

At just the right time, God deployed his Son, a willing and able volunteer, to come to our rescue, to be our Substitute and Savior. He sent him into the virgin’s womb to supply us with what we need: a perfect life, the payment for sin, and victory over death and hell. He saw us as we are by nature – depraved, lost, condemned, and utterly helpless to do anything about it – and did something about it. He sent his Son to provide us forgiveness of sins and peace with God through his flawless life, priceless blood, and empty tomb.

The little one in the manger has brought us rescue and relief! Life now and life forever! Thanks be to God!

On behalf of the entire team at WELS Christian Aid and Relief, I thank you for your partnership in this vital ministry of compassion, and I wish you a Christmas season filled with the peace of the Christchild and a New Year filled with the confidence that only God’s promises can give.

In the name of our compassionate Savior,
Pastor Dan Sims
Director, WELS Christian Aid and Relief

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