Transformed – teen devotion – February 26, 2023

One truth shared: Jesus is the champion you need.

Then the devil left him.
Matthew 4:11a


Isn’t it a nice feeling when you know you’ve got someone who will fight for you? It might be a sibling or parent who you know will always defend you no matter what happens. It might be a friend who stands up for you, or a teammate who’s always got your back. It might be a pastor or teacher who always has a minute to talk to you or share a few kind words of encouragement when you need it.

In this week’s Bible reading, God reminds us that we have an even greater champion than any of these in our Savior Jesus. Unlike even the most faithful of friends, Jesus will never move away or graduate. Unlike a parent or sibling or pastor, he will never get sick or die. No matter what happens, he’s always ready to fight for you! Even better, when Jesus fights for you he’s able to give so much more than any other champion. When you make mistakes, Jesus provides more than advice and support—his life and death on your behalf means that he has undone the eternal consequences you deserve by defeating your greatest enemies—sin and the devil.

That’s what is happening in today’s scripture reading. It’s Jesus against the devil. An epic conflict, a battle to the eternal death out in the desert. Jesus is humanly hungry, thirsty, tired, and worn down as the battle rages for 40 days and 40 nights. The devil deploys every trick in the book, but it all comes to nothing. Gospel writer Matthew closes with these simple but beautiful words: “Then the devil left him.” He gives up. He can’t win. Satan slinks away with his tail between his legs, unable to corrupt the Son of God in any way.

Remember that victory on the days when it feels like you’re at war and all alone and facing odds you can’t possibly overcome. You’re not alone—Jesus has your back. He provides the strength you need. He promises to work the events of your life for your eternal good. And, he promises that all these battles are temporary, because the war has already been won. The devil has been defeated, you’re forgiven, and heaven awaits!

Prayer: Jesus our Savior, you are our champion. You fought the devil for us, and you won. Give us the perspective to live in the light of that victory, confident that you won it for us. On the days when we feel overwhelmed or isolated, comfort us with reminders of your constant presence and protection. Amen.

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