Transformed – teen devotion – January 30, 2022

One truth shared: Jesus had an agenda for his life. He was not haphazardly going about his business, but in everything he was focused on the agenda given by his Father. As Jesus uncovers his agenda, he uncovers the agenda he wants for our life.

But [Jesus] said, “I must proclaim the good news of the kingdom of God to the other towns also, because that is why I was sent.” And he kept on preaching in the synagogues of Judea.
Luke 4:43-44

Uncovered Agenda

It is true. Jesus was not rejected in every place to which he traveled or preached. He had some measure of success. After being thrown out of Nazareth, he traveled to Capernaum and was met with wild success. After an amazing day of preaching and healing, the disciples roused Jesus from prayer and said, “Everybody is looking for you!”

That town would have loved if Jesus would have stayed and kept serving them right there. But Jesus had a clear agenda, “No. I have to keep going into other towns with the gospel.” So, he did. He went from town to town, Sunday after Sunday (actually, Sabbath after Sabbath), preaching and teaching his good news in their gathering spaces.

Jesus had a clear agenda, and that agenda included you! He wasn’t going to let a little rejection stop him. He wasn’t even going to let some wild success distract him. He was going to keep on going with the gospel until the whole world would hear.

Even after he died, rose, and then ascended into heaven, Jesus continued with this agenda. He uses his Christian agents to carry out his agenda.

He used the apostles. He has used countless Christians including people that you know, people who told you about this good news about the kingdom. Who has he used in your life? A parent? A pastor? A friend? A teacher? Who is it? (Send them a text message to say, “Thank you!”)

Jesus refused to stop and set up shop in one town because he had a clear agenda for an entire world. Because he didn’t, you have heard of him, and you believe in him.

Aren’t you glad he didn’t stop?

Prayer: Lord Jesus, you didn’t stop. You kept going with the gospel during your time on earth. You sent other people after your time on earth so that I would hear and know and believe. Thank you, Jesus, for your relentless pursuit of me. Amen.

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