Transformed – teen devotion – April 4, 2021

And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.
Genesis 3:15

The plan the whole time

The dog’s owners noticed his leg was bleeding. Something had agitated the dog causing him to run over to where their child was playing. The dog barked fiercely and limped away with a wound.

The veterinarian’s examination discovered the marks from a snake bite. The story became clear. The dog saw the threat and put himself in harm’s way between the snake and the child. The dog took the wound to save the child. This is amazing love from a faithful friend!

But that true story pales in comparison to the true story God’s faithful love and his plan to save!

God saw the danger and damage the devil caused. The devil, who took on the form of a snake, slithered into God’s perfect world to tempt and destroy. He succeeded in enticing the first people to consume his lies and then consume the forbidden fruit.

The results were instant! Sin entered the world. Shame, fear, blame, and death quickly followed. Not a moment goes by where we aren’t reminded of sin’s devastating impact.

But God responded with an incredible plan to save. He promised a serpent-crusher, a sin-bearer, a death-destroyer! With each added promise, the story became clearer and clearer. A Savior would come!

And he did! Jesus put himself in harm’s way—receiving wounds and taking sin’s punishment to save us. Jesus put himself in harm’s way—taking on and taking down the devil. Jesus put himself in harm’s way—entering death and then rising from it. All for you!

This is everlasting love from our greatest friend!

Prayer: Jesus, thank you for your amazing and everlasting love. When sin, fear, or death close in on me, come quickly to comfort me with your promises of salvation, forgiveness, and life. Amen.

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