Transformed – teen devotion – February 9, 2020

Trouble pursues the sinner, but the righteous are rewarded with good things.
Proverbs 13:20

Unfollow the fool

Do you like hanging with the “rebel”? It may not be the best thing for you. Find someone who respects others…and you! #unfollowthefool #heartforJesus

There is something intriguing about dating a “bad boy” or “bad girl”. They tend to be irreverent to the teacher or defiant of their parents. They can cause disruption by forming a wedge between you and your friends. It seems that everyone else can sense the dangerous vibe, but we can’t. Maybe we just don’t want to see it!

Personally, I don’t get the attachment. Is there something charming about being disrespectful? Is there something cute about cruelty? Is there something endearing about being destructive? What does this foolish behavior accomplish? If that is what they are willing to do to the people you respect, what might they eventually do to you?

There may be that one person that makes you feel “special,” but if the other people in your life show concern, pay attention to the warning signals! There is a chance that you may be able to turn them around, but there is also a danger that they can lead you to fall from your firm position among God’s people.

No, not everyone is perfect. You should not automatically judge someone as “bad” without getting to know them. Look and listen to how their actions and words align with what Jesus expects from his word. Ignoring the wisdom of Jesus (and others) will lead to all kinds of issues, but trust in Jesus will lead us to leave behind the fool. Jesus’ love will keep us safe with him and lead us to find another one who will lead us to love Jesus more!

Prayer: Dear Jesus, my ignorant heart sometimes causes me to follow my own whims and go along with the edgy crowd. Help me see the error of my ways and draw me closer to you. Use your Word and the people you put in my life to help me navigate difficult relationships and see that you are the true source of happiness. Amen.

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