Transformed – teen devotion – January 5, 2020

“But you, Bethlehem, in the land of Judah, are by no means least among the rulers of Judah; for out of you will come a ruler who will shepherd my people Israel.”
Matthew 2:6

20/20 Vision: See Jesus Better

It’s 2020! The old year is gone. The new year is here. Happy New Year!

What is your take on your 2019? Was it a year of successes or a year of failures? Was it a year to be burned, or was it a year for the history books?

What is your hope and dream for 2020? One year from now, who do you hope to become and what do you hope to accomplish so that you can say: “This was a good year!”

Most, if not all people in this world, want to make a difference, a measurable difference. We want to matter and be significant. We want to be valued and valuable. We want to do big things.

Did you know there is a new way to significance, importance, and to see your value? This new way to significance is in Bethlehem. Bethlehem seemed like such a small, insignificant place. It was a little town, not a main town. But in this little town, the Ruler of the nations was born. In this town was born the One who would shepherd his people.

He is the One who gives you significance. Why did he leave his heavenly throne to come to this little town? Because you were so important to him. He couldn’t bear the thought of spending an eternity apart from you. He came because you were that important to him.

Jesus is the One who makes an eternal impact in your life. He is the One who says that you are important, valuable, and loved—and this has nothing to do with what you do or do not accomplish. He is the One who calls you to a purpose that is bigger than you and gives a divine power that is at work inside of you (more on this in the coming weeks).

This year see Jesus better. He came to an insignificant place in a simple way because we are significant in his sight. What an eternal impact that makes in our lives this new year!

Prayer: Dear Jesus, you made yourself lowly and came in a lowly way because you wanted to lift me up and exalt me in God’s sight. Help me to see you as the One who gives me true significance and value in this world. You valued me! That’s all that matters. Amen.

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