Transformed – teen devotion – December 30, 2018

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.
Hebrews 13:8

Still the same

So much changes so quickly. Just a look at the news or out the window reveals how much is changing around us. In this world, change is inevitable.

Look at me. I’m not the same person with the same likes and dislikes that I was a few years ago. I don’t live in the same place. I don’t work the same job. I don’t have the same friends in my life.

I would like to say change is always for the better, but remember the times when it wasn’t? We changed. Remember the moments of discontentment with change in life? Remember that commitment to get closer to God and his Word? Did you feel guilty? Or didn’t it bother you? In both ways, Satan worked hard on us.

It’s time to change! Whenever we feel burned out or irritated in life, it’s time to go to God and let him speak through his Word. We need to be reminded of how bad we are and how good the Gospel is. God’s Word and Spirit work a godly change is us!

Through all the changes in our lives and in this world, we can be confident that the God who created us will not change. He remains the same throughout our life. He will not stop loving us or change his standards. Jesus who came to save us will remain by our side to continue to transform us by his Spirit. The promises God gives to us in his Word will not change or be revoked. We can sure that all God has said and all that God is will remain true and constant into the new year.

With all the change in the world, thank God there is one who is still the same—Jesus!

Prayer: Lord Jesus, with all the change that happens in me, in my life, and in this world, I am often left feeling unsettled and unsure. Grant me a solid footing in this world with the assurance that you never change. Amen.

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