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Supporting home mission churches through evangelism training

Before ascending to heaven, our Lord Jesus directed us to be his witnesses. But taking action—from finding the time, to knowing how to start the conversation, and then knowing what to say—can be hard and intimidating obstacles to overcome. That’s where Praise & Proclaim can help.

One of the ways WELS Home Missions supports mission congregations around North America is by partnering with Praise & Proclaim Ministries to provide comprehensive evangelism training for church members. This WELS affiliated ministry trains members during a Friday night session on how to use a simplified approach to witnessing that is comfortable and non-threatening. The very next day they offer a well-organized opportunity to apply that training in the community.

Praise & Proclaim has already trained thousands of WELS members how to do personal evangelism, and WELS Home Missions will continue to partner with them as we prepare to plant 100 missions in 10 years beginning in 2023. Praise & Proclaim produces all the promotional materials, provides onsite training, and organizes the entire weekend for $4,000 per mission congregation. Would you consider supporting WELS home mission congregations through Praise & Proclaim initiatives? With your help, we are hoping to fund the next three Praise & Proclaim initiatives from gifts received throughout November. Together we can help home mission churches plant and water gospel seeds in their community while trusting God to make the seed of the gospel grow.

Read more about how WELS Home Missions supports 132 congregations around North America in a variety of ways at wels.net/homemissions.

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