Supporting our missionaries

Dear Friend,

Vietnam is a long way from here, as are India, Malawi, Albania, and Argentina. Even Florida is quite a hike if you live in California. It is hard to talk as neighbors if you live in Texas and I live in Wisconsin. Yet the missionaries we send to these faraway locations crave and need our connection and support.

Their work can be tough. Medical emergencies and social unrest can pop up at any time. Pagan societies can be hostile to Christianity, and our missionaries and their families bear the brunt of this on our behalf. Yet smiles, hugs, and heart-to-hearts with their words of encouragement and promised prayers are not possible unless we are together. We want to offer them our support—and we benefit, too!

Our missionaries get to witness in their daily work the miracles our Savior is empowering by his gospel. Lives and communities are being transformed and souls are set aside for an eternity with God. Wouldn’t it be great if you could sit across a table of food or a cup of coffee and hear the details of what our missionaries are doing around the world? If only it were possible. Then we could encourage each other as our Lord asks us to do.

As the apostle Paul was traveling on his way to Rome for a court date with Caesar, we are told that his brothers and sisters from the surrounding area gathered so they could meet up with him. “At the sight of these people Paul thanked God and was encouraged” (Acts 28:15). He knew the value of those connections and exhorted new believers to “encourage one another and build each other up” (1 Thessalonians 5:11). We would all grow and be encouraged if we could meet with those serving in the Lord’s harvest. If only it were possible.

It is possible! Join your brothers and sisters in Christ from around the world for Taste of Missions, an event that takes place every June at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary in Mequon, Wisconsin. Join us in person or online to get a “taste of missions” no matter where you’re from. Those attending will be able to sample food from all over, enjoy time with missionaries, and hear stories of God’s amazing grace at work.

And there is more! The Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society (LWMS) hosts circuit rallies, mission speakers, and an annual convention. They invite all to come and gather to meet our missionaries and learn about the people and places they serve.

As you consider how you might connect in person with our missionaries, also think about how you can support their ministry. Pray for our Lord to keep these families safe and at peace as they carry out their work. Make a special gift this Christmas to send and support missionaries to address the new opportunities God is giving our synod.

Your efforts to meet and encourage a missionary family will be a treasure to them. Your prayers and gifts to support their ministry will bear eternal fruit.

Serving the newborn King,
Larry Schlomer
World Missions Administrator

Prayer: Lord, we praise you for your victory over sin and death and for giving us the privilege of sharing this good news with all people. Thank you for blessing our church body with many missions throughout our country and world where the gospel is being proclaimed. We pray for our missionaries and their families, that they may be strengthened by your Spirit for daily ministry with all its challenges. We pray for our congregations, our synod, and WELS-affiliated ministries like the Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society that support missionary efforts. May your Spirit continue to guide the body of Christ in supporting your work. Amen.

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