Springtime and harvest

Spring is planting time for the future harvest. The ground is prepared and the seeds sown. Then comes the growth and eventually the ripened fruit and the harvest.

The same sequence occurs when donors plan for future ministry support by planting endowments. The “seeds” of cash or appreciated assets are placed in the “ground” of an agreement where growth occurs under the watchful eye of investment managers. Eventually the earnings are harvested and used to fulfill the purpose of the donor’s endowment. The cycle repeats year after year as a specified portion is used for operational expenses or other designations identified in advance by the donor.

Endowment funds are valuable to the synod’s ministry plan because they represent a steady flow of financial resources. They add stability or even allow for new ministry to be accomplished.

Endowments benefit donors as well. Not only is it a way to give to the Lord’s work that continues the offerings they’re giving now and that provides tax benefits, these giving vehicles, which sometimes are named by the donors, create a legacy for the donor so future family members and coming generations will know that the donor was committed to the mission and work of Jesus.

WELS has endowment funds that provide annual support for missions and ministerial education. If interested in supporting WELS ministry through an endowment, you can give to one of these endowments or start your own.

The process of setting up an endowment is quite simple. A donor or group of donors can establish a donor designated endowment through WELS Foundation, which provides the necessary reporting and administration and invests the funds in the cost-effective, professionally managed portfolios of WELS Investment Funds.

Would you like to learn more? Your local WELS Christian giving counselor can help you explore the possibilities and benefits.