Special Forward in Christ issue celebrates the Reformation

In celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation, the October issue of Forward in Christ (FIC), the synod’s official publication, will focus on Martin Luther and the biblical teachings he rediscovered—grace alone, faith alone, Scripture alone, in Christ alone.

“This anniversary is not just a review of past events. It’s different,” says Rev. John Braun, executive editor of Forward in Christ. “We thank God for the gospel we still possess today—a power that sustains us just as it sustained others throughout history. It’s all about Christ! We still treasure his grace, and we desire to share that grace with the world.”

Special features include a look at Luther’s far-reaching influence, a history lesson on Katie Luther, and a focus on the heart of the Reformation message: We are saved by grace alone through faith in Christ. Another feature highlights comments about being Lutheran from leaders of churches around the world that are in fellowship with WELS.

Monthly columns and features will also have a Reformation theme. The “Confessions of faith” article introduces a woman born in Eisleben, Germany, when it was communist-controlled and tells her journey of faith. The “Heart to heart” parenting column shares perspectives from two dads about ways to teach children about the Reformation.

Besides the normal 36 pages, the issue features an added keepsake pull-out insert that includes a timeline on the development of Lutheranism as well as quotes from FIC readers about what it means to be Lutheran.

“As I read all of these comments, I stand in grateful praise to God for what he has done in bringing these believers to be signposts pointing to Christ,” says Braun. “As you read their comments, I suggest you consider how many times they point to the certainty of salvation in Christ. That’s a message we strive to share in every issue of Forward in Christ.”

If you would like to subscribe to Forward in Christ, contact Northwestern Publishing House at 1-800-662-6093, ext. 5613; nphperiodicals@nph.wels.net. Or order online at nph.net.




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