Special committee reports progress

Last spring the Conference of Presidents appointed a study committee to review our WELS doctrinal statement on man and woman roles. The committee has been asked to consider ways in which we might clarify how we express the biblical principle in a way that helps us avoid misunderstandings and caricatures as we confess it in a new generation.

Chaired by Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Professor Rich Gurgel, the committee has begun its work in earnest. Over two-and-a-half days in late August, the committee spent time in the study of the Scriptures, reflecting on what God teaches about man and woman in his world. From there the committee worked through the doctrinal statement and essays that addressed portions of the statement. One of the more significant items on the agenda was a discussion of the responses to a survey sent out in early July. The survey, to which more than 600 teachers, pastors, and laypeople responded, asked respondents to identify places where the doctrinal statement seems a bit unclear and where God’s unique callings for men and women could be expressed more clearly. The feedback proved to be invaluable, as it generated significant discussion about ways in which to express the truth of the interdependent partnership God designed for men and women in his world.

Based on their study of God’s Word and the suggestions offered regarding sections of the doctrinal statement that could be stated more clearly, the committee is currently working on some possible ways to make the statement even better. The committee hopes to present initial suggestions to the Conference of Presidents by December. The long-term plan is to prepare Bible study materials that will be helpful to called workers and congregations for digging into God’s Word on this important teaching.

Serving in Christ,
President Mark Schroeder




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