Showing Christ’s love to spread the gospel

At its June 14, 2017, meeting, WELS Christian Aid and Relief approved humanitarian aid grants totaling $327,475 for fiscal year 2017-18. These projects help WELS home and world missionaries reflect Christ’s love to the people of their community and open doors to share the gospel. Major items include support for health clinics, borehole drilling to provide clean water, support for a women’s skill center, home-based care for the chronically ill and dying, food assistance to the needy, adult literacy classes, food and nutrition for orphans and refugees, midwife training classes, and medical equipment.

Rev. Bob Hein, chairman of WELS Christian Aid and Relief, says, “What a blessing to use the gifts of God’s people to help our missionaries build bridges for the gospel. Offering humanitarian aid is a great way to put Christ’s love in action and create opportunities to tell precious souls about Jesus.”

In Africa, Christian Aid and Relief will continue to assist various medical clinics and missions like the Central Africa Medical Mission (CAMM) in Malawi. CAMM operates four clinics that serve the Lutheran Church of Central Africa. In Zambia, funding will assist a home-based care program for the physical and spiritual care of the chronically ill and dying, as people there struggle with AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, and other terminal illnesses.

In Europe, funding will assist ministry programs that assist the needy and orphanages with food, clothing, Christian literature, clothing, and medicine in Russia, Albania, Ukraine, and Bulgaria. This type of assistance can open the door to sharing the good news of Jesus with the communities.

In total, aid will be reaching 16 different countries, providing food, water, education, medical care, and more. By partnering with WELS World and Home Missions, WELS missionaries, and congregations of the Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Conference, these projects reflect Christs’ love through acts of kindness to people in need and provides opportunities to share God’s Word.

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