Severe flooding in Malawi

“At the end of 2014, Malawi was desperate for water,” writes Rebecca Wendland, wife of Missionary Robert Wendland in Malawi. “The rains had not come and the city was struggling to provide water to people.”

In mid-January, Malawi went from one extreme to another. Days of heavy rain led to widespread and severe flooding in the African nation, destroying homes, crops, and resulting in the loss of life. Many Lutheran Church of Central Africa-Malawi (LCCA) congregations, a church body grounded in WELS mission work, are located in the flooded areas.

Several of the congregations in remote areas are hard to reach on the best days. With travel and communication abilities limited, a full assessment of the damage to LCCA churches and members’ homes is ongoing.

“In the short term, many thousands of Malawians are dealing with urgent needs,”says Paul Nitz, missionary in Malawi. “There will be long-term effects as well. Where the flood knocked down permanent homes on higher ground, people will have lost crops, clothes, dishes, and more. This will be a difficult time of rebuilding and recovering.”

WELS missionaries in Malawi have been in contact with WELS Christian Aid and Relief for relief aid. Christian Aid and Relief is making an initial grant to help with immediate needs and will be able to offer more assistance as ongoing needs are determined. Christian Aid and Relief has also reached out to the Central Africa Medical Mission, which operates a mobile health clinic in Malawi, as medical needs are expected to increase in the flooded areas.

“God surely doesn’t need our help to rescue those who trust in him, yet we can play a role in sharing God’s love and power with brothers and sisters in Christ in Malawi,”says Nitz. “Join us in praying for those who have been affected by the floods.”

Help Lutheran churches and members in Malawi with a monetary gift or send checks to WELS, Re: Christian Aid and Relief, flood disaster relief fund, N16W23377 Stone Ridge Drive, Waukesha, WI 53188-1108.

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