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Is Jerusalem the eternal capital of Israel, either as a nation or for the Jewish people, according to the Bible?

No. The Bible does not address the modern nation of Israel. The Bible makes it clear that those who have the faith of Abraham—trusting in the promised Messiah, Jesus Christ—are the Israel of God (Galatians 6:16; Romans 9:8). When the Bible speaks of a “new Jerusalem” (Revelation 21:2), it does so in symbolic terms as Continued.

What is prophecy according to I Corinthians 12-14?

“Prophecy” can have a wider and narrower definition. The narrower definition describes the role of Old Testament prophets: men who received messages from God, sometimes concerning the revelation of future events, and then relayed them to people. The wider definition speaks of followers of God in general communicating the messages of God’s law and gospel Continued.

Hi there! I am single and wondering what denominations are similar enough to WELS or have our most core beliefs?

Through a common faith, we are in fellowship with the Evangelical Lutheran Synod (ELS). Beyond the borders of our country, we are in fellowship with 30 other churches that comprise the Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Conference (CELC). You can learn more about the CELC from their website: Your pastor would be a good resource to Continued.

Why do some Christian families tend to suffer so much more than others? My best friend has gone through so much in losing family to cancer and accidents and now tonight just lost her son who just married a year ago and just became a father. Her family has lost her brother and sister. Does God make us suffer from our ancestors evil?

There is no question that God’s ways can be mysterious to us (Isaiah 55:9; Romans 11:33-34). For the child of God, God’s ways always have his or her good in mind (Romans 8:28). The account of Job (especially chapters one and two) illustrates that the tragedies a child of God might encounter in life are Continued.

What are the criteria/requirements for youth confirmation in the WELS Synod? (i.e. age, grade, years of instructions) Does the pastor and/or principal determine when each individual child is ready to be confirmed? Would a public school 7th grader be considered ready for confirmation? Also, is it up the each pastor to decide if there is a public confirmation examination or reading of an essay they have written? This year there was only the Rite of Confirmation.

The Bible of course does not speak of the rite of confirmation or the practice of public examination. It speaks of training children in God’s word (Psalm 78:1-8; Proverbs 22:6; 2 Timothy 3:14-16), confessing Jesus Christ as Savior (Matthew 10:32), examining ourselves before receiving the Lord’s Supper (1 Corinthians 11:28) and partaking of the Lord’s Continued.

I've heard many times that Christians want to be cautious when purchasing things that could directly support the advancement of a false religion (e.g. Girl Scout cookies), especially if they are aware of where the proceeds are going to. Are there any concerns about that when seeking employment? Is there anything wrong if a WELS Christian served a non-denominational or ELCA church as a custodian, secretary, or groundskeeper?

Allow me to pass along a response provided to a similar question: A Christian may and often does seek or accept employment that in some indirect ways benefits heterodox groups as well as unbelieving communities. Seldom is this kind of activity an expression of doctrinal fellowship, nor is it perceived by people as that. A Continued.

Why do called workers' children get such a break on tuition both in grade school, high schools, etc.? There are many instances where the spouse works and together make a very nice salary, more than members paying full tuition.

That is really a question you would want to ask of administrative personnel at schools where such discounts exist. (As a called worker, I never was the beneficiary of discounted tuition for my children.) I imagine that if churches and schools designed a tuition break for their called workers, it was in consideration of the Continued.

If God had the total power of the world, why could not he stop all evil of the world?

God does have “the total power of the world.” He is all-powerful (Genesis 1-2; 17:1; 1 Chronicles 29:12; Psalm 65:6). God could have created a world in which sin could never have existed. He chose not to do that, and he does not offer explanation in the Bible on his actions (nor does he need Continued.

Is it permissible to attend a twelve-step program such as AA or FA (Food Addicts)?

As a church body, we have concerns about the religious aspects of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). In step number 2 of The Twelve Steps, there is acknowledgement of a “Power greater than ourselves.” Participants in AA are free to define who or what that Power is. In step number 3 there is reference to “God as Continued.

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