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What is the role of the 10 Commandments for WELS Lutherans? For New Testament Christians? Does the WELS agree with Paul?

A starting point to your questions is that the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20; Deuteronomy 5) are part of the Mosaic Law that God gave to his Old Testament people of Israel. The Mosaic Law had limited purpose and duration. Its obligations ended when Jesus Christ came into our world as the fulfilment of all the Continued.

Is it wrong to disinherit an adult child that is living in open and unrepented sin and you know that the money would be used for sinful habits? God says that we need to be good stewards and leave an inheritance for our children. Would it not be better to leave that money to a church or another area that would help the spreading of the gospel?

In the Bible God has not specified precisely how we are to distribute, at death, the possessions he has entrusted to us. He allows us to make those decisions in Christian love and wisdom. If you are of the opinion that it would not be beneficial or helpful for an adult child to receive money Continued.

I know that every doctrine in the Bible is important because all come from God. My question is, what doctrines must a person believe to be considered Christian? (For example, there will be Catholics in heaven who died trusting in Christ as their Savior, while there will not be Mormons in heaven since their doctrines involving Christ are not scriptural.) Is there a "key doctrine list" somewhere?

The apostle Paul’s answer to the jailer of Philippi’s question highlights a doctrine that is absolutely essential for salvation: “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved” (Acts 16:31). Faith in Jesus Christ as Savior—justification through faith alone, by grace alone—is necessary for salvation. Saving Christian faith recognizes Jesus Christ as the Son Continued.

What does the Bible teach about tattoos? A friend quoted Leviticus 19:28. Said the Nazi's used this as a reason to tattoo Jews since it was forbidden by God. Thus, Christians should not get tattoos. I said it was part of the Levitical laws pertaining to the Israelites and does not apply to New Testament Christians. The person was stunned that parts of the Bible no longer apply to us; felt strongly that all of Scripture applies to us.

As it turns out, the March 2017 “Light for our path” column in Forward in Christ will address a very similar question. So as not to provide a spoiler, I will pass along a brief response in this forum. You are correct in noting that the instruction in Leviticus no longer applies to New Testament Continued.

The lectionaries used in Lutheran churches don’t cover the whole Bible, not even the New Testament. Doesn't this contradict the instruction to preach God’s whole counsel if so many Bible passages are never preached on?

If Lutheran Churches follow the ILCW three-year lectionary series, they will offer readings from 57 of the Bible’s 66 books. That is a good amount of variety. Of course, when pastors preach on one of the readings, they will very likely refer to or quote other sections of Scripture. That means that worshipers will be Continued.

Should I feel guilty or let leaders of my current congregation make me feel guilty if I want to move away and be closer to my adult children? There is a WELS church where I am moving to, so why do I get the feeling from others that I am doing something wrong?

There is certainly nothing wrong with wanting to be closer to your children, so there is no need for you to feel guilty about leaving your current congregation and transferring to another one of our churches. In addition, there is no reason for others to put you on a guilt trip about relocating. If others Continued.

Is Time of Grace WELS or parasynodical?

It is a parasynodical organization. That terminology describes organizations and ministries that do not receive funding from WELS’ ministry financial plan (budget) but are in doctrinal fellowship with WELS. It is listed in the “Church-Related and Charitable Organizations” section of the WELS Yearbook.

I've read the archived answers to WELS opposition to Scouting. Are there any new findings or factual changes in Scouting that make our past opposition no longer applicable? Can a student be confirmed into the church if he/she is a member of the Scouts?

I am not aware of any changes in Scouting that have removed reasons for our concern. The oath of doing one’s duty to God—however God is defined—remains. In fact, recently-updated Scouting requirements place even more emphasis on the oath. The FAQ available through this link explains that emphasis. The Scouting oath is a first commandment Continued.

Is Canon in D appropriate music for a WELS wedding ?

It is safe to say that over the years musicians have played Canon in D at many weddings in WELS churches. (It was even the processional when my wife and I were married.) If you or someone you know has plans for marriage in one of our churches, a conversation with one of our pastors Continued.

Was Luke a follower of Jesus, because he is not listed as one of the twelve apostles?

We have little information about Luke. You are correct in noting that he is not listed as one of the twelve apostles. Luke himself explains that he was not an eyewitness of Jesus’ ministry (Luke 1:2). At some point, God brought Luke to saving faith in Jesus Christ. Luke accompanied the apostle Paul on his Continued.

A friend says he doesn't and can't believe in God. His reasoning is a paradox - "If God created everything in the world, and he is only good, where did 'evil' come from and the fallen angels, i.e. Satan? God must have created 'evil', or, God doesn't exist." I must say his argument is compelling for a weak believer or an unbeliever. In fact, I've seen others accept his argument and reject God's word.

The Bible tells us that “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1). “In six days the LORD made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them” (Exodus 20:11). At the end of the sixth day of creation, God pronounced everything “very good” (Genesis 1:31). All Continued.

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