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Is a "clique" within a congregation a problem? If we are all brothers and sisters in Christ, doesn't this destroy the fellowship we should share in a congregation? Should this person be confronted?

Cliques within congregations do war against the unity of the family of believers. Chapters 1 and 3 of 1 Corinthians address the divisions that existed among the believers in the congregation in Corinth. That part of Scripture would be good reading material in the context of your question. If an individual is sinning by destroying Continued.

Should a Freemason and a Boy Scout leader be spiritual leaders (elders) of a church?

The answer is “no.” If you have knowledge of this, you want your course of action to be guided by Matthew 18:15-20.

Can a lay person hold the pastor and leaders of a church accountable for overlooking open sin in the congregation?

Certainly. Following the example of the Christians in Berea (Acts 17:11), Christians have the responsibility of examining the teaching they receive from their spiritual leaders with the message of the Bible. As God instructs the leaders of his church to watch their life and doctrine closely (1 Timothy 4:16), it follows that Christians will speak Continued.

Hello, I am interested in your thoughts regarding Rosa Parks. Do you believe she should have given up her seat? Also, what are your thoughts regarding civil disobedience in general? God's blessings.

As I refrain from offering personal opinions and speculation in these responses, I will direct my remarks to the general subject matter that is referenced in your second question. In the Bible God tells us to submit to his representatives in government (Romans 13). We are to give them honor and respect and obedience. There Continued.

In 1st Timothy, Paul explains the roles of men and woman. Men are head of the church and of their families. The man is supposed to guide and lead, but what about single females who live far away from their fathers? Who is supposed to guide and care for them? Also, Paul continues and states that woman are saved through childbirth. I know that only through Christ is one saved through faith in him. What does Paul mean by that? Not all woman can have children. What does that mean for them?

The principle of loving head and loving helper (1 Corinthians 11:3ff) has application in different ways to different people. In your current home situation, you have the responsibility of providing for your material needs and seeing to it that your spiritual needs are met. The fourth commandment is always in place, but the scope of Continued.

Hello. I was just confirmed last Sunday and was wondering where I should start with my offerings. How should I figure out what to give?

What a great question! Congratulations, first of all, on becoming a communicant member of your congregation. That membership status provides you with privileges and responsibilities. It is very encouraging to read of your desire to be a faithful manager of God’s possessions. The June 2017 “Light for our path” column in Forward in Christ will Continued.

We are starting a praise band in our church. Does the synod have any guidelines to the question of paying the members or expecting them to use their talents to provide a service to the worship service? Thanks. We are working on our ministry plan for 2017-2018.

To my knowledge, there are no such guidelines. It is a congregational matter whether service of any kind by members is compensated or is voluntary. You would probably do best to speak to the leaders of congregations who oversee such musical ministries.

When a couple is living together and wants to be married in a WELS church, what should a pastor do?

A pastor will be interested in meeting with the individuals to apply God’s word to their situation. He will be interested in encouraging repentant attitudes toward sin, delivering the gospel message to penitent sinners and working with them to “produce fruit in keeping with repentance” (Matthew 3:8). A pastor will be interested in having the Continued.

Does the WLS contribute to Lutheran Social Services?

If, by “WLS,” you meant Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, the answer is “no.” If you intended “WELS,” the answer is also “no.”

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