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Recently, I asked a question and received my answer. Thank you. However, I have another concern about something I ran into this summer. My wife and I went to the creation/ark museums in Kentucky. The experience was great and revealing. My concern is what can you tell me about Ken Ham and the creation/ark museums as they relate to God's word and our doctrine? My concern is that the entire presentation seems to be law oriented with Christ sprinkled throughout. Your servant in Christ.

A predecessor in my position offered this general overview of Ham’s theology: “Ken Ham defends the doctrine of creation against evolution…Since his main purpose is to defend the truthfulness of Genesis, his site does not give much indication about his position on such topics as the sacraments and the millennium. He does uphold basic doctrines Continued.

I hear a lot of talk about this so called "gift of singleness." Does such a gift exist? Does God choose if we can marry or do we choose? And if someone does have this gift and still decides to marry, is it a sin?

In 1 Corinthians 7:7 the apostle Paul speaks of the gift of self-control that God gave him. That gift enabled him to remain single and chaste. Christians today can have that gift from God. God certainly knows who will marry or remain single, but he allows people to make those choices in life. By merely Continued.

Why did Christ reply to the rich man that He is no good, when we Christians believe He has never sinned?

You are correct: Jesus never sinned during his earthly life (2 Corinthians 5:21; Hebrews 4:15; 1 Peter 1:19). Jesus was perfect in our place. I am not sure which Bible reference you have in mind with your question. I am wondering if it could be Jesus’ conversation with the rich man in Mark 10:17-22. In Continued.

How many ways does WELS reach beyond the synod to lend support and aid to people in need throughout the world?

The greatest amount of support and aid comes through WELS Christian Aid and Relief. Elsewhere on this website you can find this information: “Christian Aid and Relief continues to work with the WELS Board for World Missions, our WELS Missionaries, our sister congregations of the Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Conference around the world, and the Board Continued.

I recently ran across two gentlemen named Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron who are affiliated with Living Waters Church. I have listened to several of their YouTube videos and they seem to present law and gospel properly but, being a skeptical Lutheran, I have my doubts about their presentations. I know that there are Christians in other churches other than the WELS, but I am looking for some clarity in my thinking and belief. What can you tell me about these men or their organization? Thank you for your consideration. Your brother in Christ.

Ray Comfort is the founder and CEO of Living Waters ministries. Kirk Cameron is an actor who joined Comfort’s ministry. The Statement of Faith on Living Waters’ website contains some good statements about the Christian faith. Some of the statements though reflect Comfort’s previous affiliation with Calvary Chapel Fellowship. There are references to limited atonement, Continued.

Why in Genesis 22 does God refer to Isaac as Abraham's only son if Abraham already had Ishmael?

You ask an interesting question. Previously in Genesis, Ishmael is called Abraham’s son (for example, 17:23-25; 21:11). Ishmael was Abraham’s son through Hagar. Isaac later became Abraham’s son through Sarah (Genesis 21:3). Before he used Old Testament history to make a point to the Galatian Christians, the apostle Paul noted that Abraham had two sons Continued.

When did Satan sin against God?

Satan’s rebellion against God took place between the events of Genesis 1 & 2 and Genesis 3. The first two chapters of Genesis present the narrative of God creating a perfect world (Genesis 1:31). That perfect world included angels. Genesis 3 introduces us to Satan, who appeared in the form of a serpent (Revelation 20:2). Continued.

What if a person was baptized "in the name of Jesus Christ"? Should we understand from Acts 2: 38 that the apostles baptized like that, or not?

A valid Baptism is the application of water “in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 28:19). Jesus instructed his followers to baptize in the name of the Triune God. Acts 2:38 does not tell us that the disciples baptized with different wording, substituting “in the name Continued.

Good Morning: My wife and I are concerned that our son is being scammed and that the conversation we have with him will be very difficult and we fear that it will drive him away. Do you have any guidance on how to start the conversation? Thank you.

One of my challenges in responding to you is that I do not know what kind of relationship exists between you and your son, or even the age of your son. Regardless, I would still encourage an open and honest conversation. You and your wife could begin by reaffirming your love and concern for your Continued.

So I go to an area Lutheran high school, and every night we have devotion and students read them. So, I was wondering if it’s okay to have females read the devotions at night?

I do not know if you are inquiring about a present practice or an idea for the future. Regardless, you want to direct your question to the individuals at your school who have appropriate responsibility. Those people are best suited to know your circumstances and apply scriptural principles.

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