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My friend wants to come to check out our church as she is thinking of switching synods, but she wants to know what is appropriate attire for a service.

As you are a member of that congregation, you are really in a better position than I to explain the culture of your congregation. You can explain to your friend how you normally dress for a worship service. You can explain to your friend that our churches do not have dress codes. The area and Continued.

Can my WELS pastor marry my fiance and me at a different venue? I am considering having my reception at a place that is a 2-hour drive from my church and would like to have the ceremony closer to the venue. Would my pastor be able to marry us? Or would I need to find someone else to do the ceremony?

It is likely that your pastor could conduct the wedding service at a venue other than your church. You will want to contact your pastor and explain the venue you have in mind. He can then respond to your plans. God’s blessings on your wedding!

For those who are not predestined, what is their goal or purpose on earth? And what hope do they have to look forward to if they were not chosen to be saved? What if I was not elect? What am I supposed to do?

God wants all people to come to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ his Son (1 Timothy 2:4; 2 Peter 3:9). God gives people a time of grace to confess their sins and confess faith in Jesus Christ. If people are led to those lifelong confessions, it is only because of the work of the Continued.

Thanks for this site! Who are "our brothers and sisters in Christ?" I have heard the term used to describe all, and only, the members of our WELS' churches and those with whom we are in doctrinal fellowship. Would we also use the same term to refer to the Christians in false visible churches? Thanks!

This We Believe, a statement of belief of our church body, makes this profession: “1. We believe that there is one holy Christian church, which is the temple of God (1 Corinthians 3:16) and the body of Christ (Ephesians 1:23; 4:12). The members of this one church are all those who are the ‘sons of Continued.

How come WELS pastors don't teach about the book of Revelation? I keep hearing we are currently living during "end times" and that it is near, but they don't expand on the teaching of the book. If I'm living it, I want to learn more about it and it is too complex to understand on my own.

The book of Revelation is a subject of WELS teaching and preaching. It is not a book of the Bible that we ignore. If your church has not offered a Bible study on the book of Revelation in some time, do talk to your pastor about that. If you would like to read what some Continued.

I asked Satan for material possessions of this world. Will he give them to me?

Negotiating with Satan is a losing proposition. Any worldly gain is meaningless if it means spending eternity with him in hell. “Resist the devil” (James 4:7) is the Bible’s instruction on our interaction with Satan. If you are seeking something for life, go to God in prayer. He answers prayer with our best interests in Continued.

Are there courses that can be taken to prepare one to do ministry in assisted living homes?

“Geriatric and Care Facility Ministry” is an online course offered through the WELS Chaplain Certificate Program. Course delivery is through Martin Luther College. This is the course description: “A team-oriented approach to ministry for people who are aging or residents in care facilities. Provides both knowledge and skills for congregation members to provide spiritual care Continued.

Is the pastor considered a member of the church and does he have voting rights at a congregational meeting?

A pastor is a member of the congregation to which he has been called. A church’s constitution and bylaws spell out if a pastor has voting rights—at various meetings of the congregation—or if his status is advisory.

Displaying 1 - 12 of 2695123456