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Christian ethics question: when what God says conflicts with federal marriage laws and abortion laws, would it be OK that a Christian taking the oath of office just lie and say he will uphold those laws that conflict with what he knows God says? Or, should he not seek offices where he will be expected to disregard what God says when it conflicts with laws of the United States?

Lying under oath is not an option. When we use God as our witness to assure people we are telling the truth but lie instead, we break God’s second commandment (Exodus 20:5). (See also Leviticus 19:12.) When it comes to Christians serving in government positions, we want to keep in mind that Christians live in Continued.

Where can I find the answer to Christ is God ?

If you are looking for Bible verses that state that Jesus Christ is God, here are some: Matthew 1:22-23 – “All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had said through the prophet: ‘The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel’ (which means ‘God with us’).” Continued.

I previously asked if the land of Israel belongs to the Jews. You stated that the Bible does not provide any evidence for or against this question. However, Genesis 12:7 seems to contradict your assertion. Can you provide additional background on the meaning and context of this verse? Thank you in advance!

Genesis 12:7 reflects two promises that the Lord gave Abram: that he would have offspring and that his offspring would, one day, live in the land of Canaan. Because God always speaks the truth (Numbers 23:19), those were not idle words. God fulfilled his promises: giving Abram offspring and giving the promised land to his Continued.

Is it OK to pray for death? My life is pointless and without meaning. My kids are older and my wife is self-sufficient. I have no reason to stay alive but won't take it myself. Is it a sin to pray for God to end my life and take me away from here?

I do have to say that I am very concerned about your question and your situation. While I am relieved to read that you recognize and intend to keep God’s fifth commandment, which includes forbidding self-harm, I am troubled to read that you believe your life is “pointless and without meaning.” This question and answer Continued.

In our church, laymen assist the pastor in distributing the Communion bread and wine. Are there reasons why women can't assist the pastor with Communion?

You might be interested to know that your question is asked and answered in a Northwestern Publishing House publication: A Bible Study on Man and Woman in God’s World. The question and answer follow: “It is clear that the Lord’s Supper should be administered by the pastor or by a man authorized by the congregation Continued.

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