Why does the synod need a purchasing program like ShopWELS?

One of the blessings of walking together as a synod is that there are some things we can do better as a group than as individuals. Purchasing is one of those things. Because of the volume that we represent to potential vendors, many are willing to offer discounted prices on their products or services. This makes good “business” sense, but it is also wise stewardship as we all seek to be the best stewards we can of all of God’s resources.

Does my church, school or WELS organization need to provide proof of our charitable status (Form 501c3) to avoid paying sales tax?

When this site specific exemption number or form needs to be provided will be detailed in the order confirmation email that is sent when a product is ordered through the ShopWELS. In those cases where a WELS organization works directly with the vendor (not through the online store), instructions on providing the exemption paperwork.will be given by the vendor representative.

Request 501(c)(3) letter from Financial Services

Individuals, of course, are not charitable entities and will need to pay any applicable sales tax.

Does the synod benefit from purchases made through the ShopWELS program?

With some vendors an agreement has been signed that requires the vendor to rebate a percentage of purchases back to the synod for use in the administration and promotion of the program. As a result the ShopWELS Purchasing Program is able to operate without the need of synod operating budget dollars.


Why does the synod need a purchasing program like ShopWELS? Find answers to your questions in the ShopWELS FAQ section.


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