ShopWELS is a cooperative buying program that provides the best products and service for the faithful steward.

One of the blessings of walking together as a synod is that there are some things we can do better as a group than as individuals. Purchasing is one of those things—ShopWELS offers an opportunity to be good stewards of all God’s resources.

This page highlights the vendors that provide products and services for the classroom. Please be sure to check out all of our ShopWELS vendors at

Latest news

ASUS Chromebooks for education

If you are currently in the market for Chromebooks for your school, Troxell recommends the ASUS C202. If you are starting to consider needs for an 11.6-inch screen, touch sensitive Chromebook in the 2017-18 school year, you will want to keep the new ASUS C213 in mind. ASUS also provides a great service program.

Keeping up with software licensing

These days it can be difficult to keep track of software licensing for your church, school, or organization. There are multiple licensing programs, licensing implications with cloud virtualization, and changes in IT personnel—just to name a few. It can make your head spin!

Nurturing Imagination and Creativity in Early Childhood

Imagination and creativity are at the heart of a developmentally appropriate early childhood program--and there are ways to work within the classroom environment to ensure that children use their creativity and imagination in school.

Latest sale items from Complete Office

Complete Office is offering calendars and planners for sale through Oct. 31, 2016. Complete Office also offers deals on copy paper ever day. Looking for other office and break room supplies? Consider using Complete Office.

Classroom vendors


SoftwareOne focuses exclusively on software licensing, and takes a consultative approach to helping customers optimize their software spend, while enhancing their relationships with over 100 unique software publishers and local service providers such as Microsoft, Adobe, IBM, VMware, Oracle, Citrix, Symantec and McAfee.
2017/01/10/by Briana Lambrecht

Complete Office

Complete Office of Wisconsin is the largest independent office supplier and office furniture reseller in the state of Wisconsin and provides exceptional customer service at competitive prices throughout the continental U.S.
2017/01/04/by Briana Lambrecht

Ad Quest Promotions

Offering branded items that stimulate school spirit, congregational unity and advance your outreach efforts, Ad Quest Promotions has access to over 750,000 promotional products. As a WELS member-owned company, we look forward to a partnership that will assist you in your ministry.
2015/09/23/by smattes

Troxell Communications

Troxell Communications has solutions for every room in a church or school.
2015/07/02/by Briana Lambrecht

School Specialty

School Specialty is a leading education company that provides innovative products, programs, and services to help PreK-12 educators engage and inspire students of all ages and abilities to learn.
2015/07/02/by Briana Lambrecht

James Imaging Systems

James Imaging Systems has partnered with WELS to meet business needs related to printers, copiers, fax machines, and multifunction devices.
2015/07/02/by Briana Lambrecht


InfoCor has been a SMART™ Dealer of Distinction five times and has the largest dedicated SMART™ sales, support, installation, and training teams in Wisconsin.
2015/07/02/by Briana Lambrecht

DVI Consulting

DVI Consulting is a relationship-driven Communication Technology firm, focused on delivering next generation technologies to small and medium sized businesses.
2015/07/01/by Briana Lambrecht

Central Office Systems

Central Office Systems offers copiers, fax machines, and multifunction devices.
2015/07/01/by Briana Lambrecht


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