Women’s Devotions

Building a great marriage: quality workmanship

Quality workmanship takes hard work, knowledge, and high standards. But who has extra energy, or time to develop better interpersonal skills?

Building a great marriage

God chose the precious gift of marriage to reflect the intimate love He has for us, but like His perfect creation, it is marred by sin. Rather than a reflection of God’s perfect love for His Bride (the church), we often times struggle in our marriages.

Blessing filled future

It has happened once again. I received an e-mail promising a miracle if I copy and paste said e-mail to many friends within a certain time period

Back of an elephant

While at a recent conference, a group of pastors was studying 1 Peter 3 and the Lord’s call for all of us to submit to suffering for the sake of the gospel.

A lesson from the ivy plant

Sitting on a book shelf in our living room I spy two ivy plants. In all the Christmas decorating and rearranging to fit the Christmas tree in, they were set out of the way and forgotten.


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