Tables filled with opportunities for Women's Ministry

Ministry Ideas – use your gifts!

Areas of Interest
I’d like to
  • Write a thank you note to someone who has been an encouragement to you
  • Call  a friend or family member and remind them of how God used them in your life.
  • Bake something and share it with a neighbor or church friend, add a bible passage!
  • Offer to clean your church or school, or do some landscaping work.
  • Plan your funeral (pick hymns & favorite passages), give it to your pastor!
  • Create a care package for a college student or military personnel from your church
  • Send a card to your Pastor, a teacher or a missionary.
  • Take a meal or offer to babysit a family with young children.
  • Visit a shut in from your church or go the local nursing home.
  • Ask Pastor if there are people in your church who need rides or help picking up groceries.


  • Fidget Quilt
  • Homemade cards

It might seem that there are lots of ideas and a few resources but you don’t know where to start!

Here are some organizational helps for ministry work!


Women’s Bible Study
There are many ways to host a women’s bible study! Get ideas how or look for a bible study here!

Moms & Preschoolers
Moms are often looking for fellowship and encouragement with others! Check out these ideas and adapt them to fit your situation!


Know your purpose and resources.
Consider your audience and their needs.

Do you have an outreach focus or is your purpose nurture?

What are the needs of your audience?

Do you have a way to follow up with visitors or new comers?

Read how this congregation began!


God has put each of us in places where our light can shine. Scripture calls us to see the many ways we can share and encourage faith in one another.

Is your group ready to talk about how to engage in inter-generational ministry? This handout will help you contemplate the blessings each season of life brings – and how we all need each other!


Advent by Candlelight

Epiphany by Candlelight

Lent by Candlelight

Lent Tea

Trunk or Treat

Easter for Kids



  • Spa Day
  • Craft Day (scrapbooking, quilting, sewing, painting, card making)

Nurture/Spiritual Growth

  • Retreat
  • Women’s Day Out

Praise God for the countless people who have, or are serving our country in military service.

Check out the “Military Services” page for great resources and insights on encouraging military families!

You may also want to consider actively demonstrating your appreciation for God’s gift of military servants:

  • Consider a luncheon to thank the veterans in your area, perhaps on veterans day or election day? If you have a school,  ask the children to sing some patriotic songs or express their thanks to the veterans.
  • Create an appropriate place to post pictures of those who are or have served our country, or a scrapbook.
  • Send cards and/or care packages to active service personnel. Perhaps a larger effort could be made to bless the entire company rather than just an individual.
  • Combine your service project with an evangelism effort by hosting an event for the community (like the luncheon or care package drive) to get people inside your church and making them comfortable!
  • Utilize a prayer list or prayer cards with the names of military individuals and their families. Pray for the families then tell them you’ve been praying (or send them a card to tell them).
  • Be respectful, kind and patient with their families. They are likely dealing with stresses and difficulties that you don’t know about or understand. Go the extra mile to express your love and don’t forget to say, “thanks!”

Building Relationships in Christ

Coffee or tea can be a simple way to reach out with Christ’s love.

Don’t be afraid to just enjoy the relationship and start a conversation.

Be sincere and as you have opportunity listen to your friend’s heart.

What is causing her stress or anxiety? Is she discouraged or afraid?

 Ask gentle and thoughtful questions to bring God’s perspective to things.

Here are a few ideas
“What can I pray about for you?”
“Can I share some Psalm verses that have brought me comfort?”
“Do you think talking about [forgiveness, guilt, heaven, etc.] would help you deal with this?”
“My faith has helped me in situations like this. I found that…[just talk about your faith!].

How do you plan an event and what do you need to know to start?

Looking for themes, schedules or details to plan a one or two day retreat?


WELS Women’s Ministry provides resources for individuals and congregations nationwide. Consider supporting these ministries with your prayers and gifts.


Contact WELS Women’s Ministry for more information.