Women’s Ministry Conference


The Women’s Ministry Conference, held every three years, gathered in 2016 at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary.

The 2019 Conference is being planned!


Mini-Conferences: Our prayerful desire is to see this exceptional, Christ-centered conference material reach as many women as possible. Yet we also understand that some women were unable to attend the conference for a variety of reasons. Knowing that these women are balancing many God-pleasing priorities, we would like to support them by bringing the conference to them.


Livonia, Michigan
 Jan. 21, 2017*
Tuscon, Arizona
Saturday, April 22,2017
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Sept. 8 & 9, 2017
Texas, TBD
Kansas, TBD
*Read about it below!
 Contact us at womensministry@wels.net
if you’d like more information!


If you have a desire to share the conference material with women who were unable to attend and the talents to partner with us in this project we encourage you to contact us!


Are you interested in presenting the key portions of our 2016 WM Conference in your area? We are looking for women who have a desire to share the conference material with women who were unable to attend, the talents to partner with us in this project, as well as a network of capable women to assist in the task.

In order to bring the 2016 WM Conference to different areas we need to work together. WM is hoping to partner with a group of 3-5 women living in the areas these mini-conferences will be held. Check out the information on this website for outlines of what we will offer in the way of presenters, presentation materials, proposed schedules, promotional resources and much more. It also details what we will ask you to provide in the way of venue, publicity, budget and registration.

God truly blessed the initial mentor conference at the Seminary. We continue to hear stories of how women are now using their talents in thanks to God as a result of the encouragement they received at the conference. We are confident that God’s Word will accomplish this in the women of your area as well.

Moving forward we ask the following:

1) Prayerfully consider this partnership and the role you have in it.

2) Speak with your pastor (or area pastors) to see if this idea is well suited for you.

3) Contact the women listed below to discuss and assess feasibility. (They have also

received this email.)

4) Contact additional women you know who may be well suited to assist in this project.

Goals and Scope


1. Answer the request to bring a well-received and timely conference to women unable to attend.

2. Introduce WELS Women’s Ministry to varied locations throughout the WELS in a meaningful way.

3. Create awareness of the many resources WELS Women’s Ministry provides.

4. Encourage and equip women in their varied callings to be Godly mentors in all of their relationships.


To execute these mini-conferences each partner is responsible for certain components. These agreed upon responsibilities must be fulfilled in order to ensure success.

This proposal also includes items that are suggestions and negotiable. They are aspects that are needed to execute the mini-conference to the vision that WELS Women’s Ministry has, but are able to be reworked if necessary.



* Provide a minimum of 2 speakers to present conference material as agreed.

* Provide all hard-copy presentation handouts and materials. ($5 per attendee)

* Provide promotional material for advertising: graphics, language, brochures, bulletin inserts and letters to pastors.

* Provide agenda options for a one or two day conference.

* *Provide devotional and worship assistance as needed.

* *Provide registration setup and execution assistance as needed.

* *Provide answers to logistical questions as needed.

*Those responsible for these areas at the 2016 WELS Women’s Ministry Conference will give this assistance.


* Develop and maintain a budget based on costs to host the conference and necessary attendees to finance it.

* Determine a date for the conference and working timeline of task due dates prior to the conference.

* Secure a venue adequate to hosting the required number of attendees.

* Make all food arrangements (catered or donated).

* Manage all promotional efforts within the area.

* Oversee registration of attendees.


Conference Agenda

We have included a schedule that is flexible but includes the 4 interrelated presentations from the conference with time for discussion and questions. We would like to follow this schedule as much as possible to make sure there is ample time for the key content.

Two-day Conference Schedule

Day 1 6:30 Registration/Mixers

7:15 Welcome/Opening Devotion

7:30 Follow my Example – What did Paul mean when we wrote those words?

8:30 Discussion/Questions

9:00 Fellowship/Fun/Snacks (optional)

Day 2 7:30 Breakfast

8:15 Welcome (singing optional)

8:30 Jesus – A Mentor for Me

10:00 Break (snacks suggested)

10:30 Scripture’s Women of Influence

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Honor your mentor OR review key points

1:30 For Such a Time as This

3:00 Closing Q & A or Break (snacks suggested)

3:30 Closing Devotion

One-day Conference Schedule

Day 1 7:30 Breakfast

8:00 Welcome/Opening Devotion

8:30 Follow my Example – What did Paul mean when we wrote those words?

9:30 Discussion/Questions

10:00 Break (snacks suggested)

10:30 Jesus – A Mentor for Me

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Honor your mentor OR review key points

1:30 Scripture’s Women of Influence

3:00 Break (snacks suggested)

3:30 For Such a Time as This

5:00 Closing Devotion


Each budget will be individual and based on the varied needs of each location. The following are some considerations to keep in mind when developing a working budget.

* In recognition of the varied service women offer out of thanks to Jesus in their home congregations, can the home congregations subsidize a portion of the overall cost?

* How will the choices made in regards to budget make this conference available to as many women as possible?

* How can social media be utilized to cut down on printing costs of promotional material?

* What can be donated?

* Budgetary Items: Venue, Food, Logistical Expenses, Printing, WM expenses, other.

*Read about how one church hosted a mini-conference!

What happens when a single drop hits a still body of water?  A ripple.  Movement  that spreads far beyond the reaches of the original drop to the very edges of the surface.  The entire body of water is changed.

That’s exactly what happened at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Livonia, MI.  After enthusiastically sharing with friends her experience at the WELS Women’s Ministry Conference, Kath Schuessler was encouraged to think big and share the concepts with the congregation.

In three short months a “mini-conference” was planned for January 21, 2017.   The intention?  Simply share the concepts of mentoring presented at the WELS WM Conference and then give examples of how women could do that within St. Paul’s.

Pastor Hoff led the women in a devotion that pointed out God has made us to be light in a dark world.  Dawn Schulz was invited to present Jesus, A Mentor For Me to lay a Scriptural foundation on how to intentionally share the good news of salvation with others as Jesus did.  Kath Schuessler shared ideas from Professor Gurgel’s presentation to encourage women to see they are the “mask” Jesus wears to show himself to others.  The morning ended with a brief explanation of the varied opportunities at St. Paul’s to get involved in service.  12 representatives from these areas made themselves available.  The women were encouraged to pick up literature, ask questions and find out more information from them in the 30 minutes before lunch.  The morning ended with the sound of 52 women joyfully expressing the thrill of a spirit ignited by God’s Word to action.

Kath said, “I’ve been praying about how I could use the info that I took from the conference, and this seems to fit with my gifts.”

That’s how a ripple works.

If you’re interested in finding out how you can bring the concepts from the past WM Conference to your congregation please contact womensministry@wels.net.

May God bless you as you share your faith and life with others in relationships!

What was this conference about?

As a Christian woman, you mentor when you lovingly share your faith and life through relationships, building up fellow believers and showing Christ to unbelievers. But sharing our faith through our lives has become challenging in a culture that is increasingly hostile to biblical Christianity. This conference featured:

  • Biblical presentations on Christian mentoring
  • Practical application to everyday mentoring/ministry situations
  • Focused discussions on relevant issues facing mentors today
  • Proven methods for formal and informal mentoring
  • Networking with women to share ideas and resources
  • Sharing and brainstorming sessions for ministry teams
  • Useful information on opportunities for service
  • Personal coaching on ministry efforts

2016 Women's Ministry Conference


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