We believe, therefore we write


Writers with a Witness

“I believe, therefore I speak.”

When God’s gifts of faith and writing come together, the blessing is Christ-focused material!


Amber Swenson

Amber Swenson has written several bible study books, including “Bible Moms” and “Ladies of Legacy” as well as several others! She is a wife, mother, bible study teacher, event speaker and professional writer who uses her life and gifts in the service of Christ. She lives in Rochester, Minnesota with her husband and children.

Angie Molkentin

Angie Molkentin is a freelance communications consultant who has written for a variety of publications, church teams, and clients – often behind-the-scenes, bringing ideas to life. She has written for publications ranging from Successful Farming to Parents Crosslink. She is author of My 180: Loving God More (Northwestern Publishing House), a candid account of her Spirit-led journey from a lukewarm faith life to a heart more full of love for God and others. Angie and her husband, Jon, have three children and live in Jackson, Wisconsin.

Linda Buxa

Linda Buxa has a lifetime of contributions that have blessed countless people.  She has written many articles for Forward in Christ, blog posts for Time of Grace and published a devotion book for families, “Dig In.” She lives in Wisconsin with her husband and three children.


Naomi Schmidt

Naomi Schmidt is an author and speaker who strives to connect women with Scripture in a way that is faithful and relevant. She has published a Bible study book entitled, “Ruth: Living in God’s unfailing faithfulness.” Her book, available at Northwestern Publishing House is a verse by verse in-depth study of Ruth.

Katie Martin

Katie Martin has written “Cherished Gifts: devotions for moms by a mom.”  She has also written articles for Forward in Christ and In His Hands, a newsletter from WELS Special Ministries. Katie’s devotion “Unconditional Forgiveness” has great encouragement as she points us to the amazing love of God given to us through Christ. Katie is a wife and mother who lives in Wisconsin.

Wendy Heyn

Wendy Heyn is a mother of three children. Her middle child and only son was diagnosed with MECP2 duplication syndrome just after his first birthday.  After teaching early elementary school for a decade, Wendy now spends her time caring for her family and serving on disability advocacy committees in the Milwaukee area.  Her husband is a German national and they have a bustling, bilingual and very dual culture household.  Wendy has written for Forward in Christ and regularly writes for “Comfort in the Midst of Chaos” blog.  In 2016 Wendy was privileged to publish her first book, “Show Me Your Mighty Hand.”


Rebecca Wendland

Rebecca Wendland is a pastor’s wife who serves with her husband in Malawi, Africa. Her email correspondence has been collated into a delightful book, “Bloom Where God Plants You.” Life has ups and downs in Africa, too and her heartfelt and humorous insights and blessed with Scripture passages, hymns and prayers.

Sarah Habben

Pastor’s wife, teacher’s assistant, and mother, Sarah is also a free-lance writer. She wrote “The Mom God Chose: Mothering like Mary” and co-authored the book “The Bloodstained Path” with her husband. Sarah also writes devotions for Time of Grace, and one of our favorite devotions, “Teach Us to Count.”

Melissa Berg

Melissa Berg is mom who understands how hard it is to find time in the Word of God! But she also understands the importance of that time. She has published a book entitled, “Moments in the Word for Moms” to help women stay connected to God through Scripture.


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