Moms and Preschoolers

Moms and Kids, Mornings with Mommy, Mommy and Me…whatever the name of the group, the need is the same.  Moms are looking to network, meet and just chat with other moms. What a blessing when this can happen in a Christ-centered, nurturing, welcoming environment!
Your program can be as simple or detailed as you wish it to be. Here are a few things to help “get your wheels turning.”
Identify the main goal/purpose for your program. (emphasis on in-reach, or emphasis on outreach.)

Your goal is “in-reach” if you hope to:

  •   network the moms in your congregation,
  •   create and build friendships within the church,
  •   grow in the Word

Your goal is “outreach” if you hope to:

  •   reach out to the community,
  •   create a welcoming environment for people who may be uncomfortable in church otherwise,
  •   meet the un-churched, or those looking for a church.

Planning Activities

  • Be creative! The sky is the limit. A general list of activities could include:
  • Group activities (“circle time,” sharing a storybook and/or bible story, flannel stories, finger-plays, songs, dancing, instruments)
  • Art/Crafts time
  • Free play time (Social time for moms and their children. Toys and activities that encourage motor skill development and learning are best.)
  • Snack making/ eating
  • Bible study for Moms.  Be very aware if you consider this! A Bible study for moms is a wonderful opportunity, but be sure that there is reliable child care in place. Moms won’t enjoy the chance for study if they are listening with “half an ear” to what their children are doing across the room, or in the next.  Look for some women in your church whose children are grown or even grandmas who might be willing to help. Teens that are around in the summer are also an option. If you can’t find anyone outside of your group, you may have moms rotate to watch the children.
  • Plan a Schedule (Once a week, twice a month…just try to keep it consistent.)
  • Tip:  It can be helpful to organize each session’s activities around a theme, story book, bible story. Again, use your imagination.

Consider Supplies/ Budget

  • What supplies are available to you? (Craft supplies, toys) You will want these items to be new or clean and gently used. These items may be available already—borrowed from the church nursery, Sunday School, even preschool.  Other items may be purchased or donated. You may be surprised how many items people may have and are willing to donate. Make a wish list and publish it!
  • Will you have a budget as a part of the church’s overall budget? (Talk to your pastor.)
  • Will you charge for the session? This may go hand-in-hand with your goals for the program. Is this a “fellowship” activity for your church members or an event for the community? Don’t feel badly if you do have to charge a small amount to cover costs–especially if you have moms coming from outside the church. Many moms equate a small charge with a quality program.)

Creating Your Environment

  • Be organized.  Moms are looking for something predictable and well-organized. Moms with young children don’t usually like the feeling of not knowing what to expect.
  • Do your best to create a clean, child-proof area.
  • Be welcoming! Not everyone is gifted in being outgoing, but if you’re leading a group, people will look to you to “set the tone.” Make it your priority to welcome and briefly interact as best you can with everyone.

An additional resource

“Mornings With Mommy” is a curriculum designed by Jessica Panitzke, a teacher with years of valuable experience and a heart for those without a church.  This is NOT a Christian curriculum with Bible stories, it is meant as a pre-evangelism tool and is a great resource if you’re looking for an outreach program for your church. It offers a complete plan for activities for the entire year, how to get started, as well as further outreach ideas. For more information about this curriculum contact Jessica at

Blessings as you build relationships with mothers and help them nurture their little ones!

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