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Real mentor stories

A friend recently contacted me for the first time in five years after I recently invited her to a Bible study. She’s not ready to come to bible study but I’m so excited she got a hold of me! She is a beautiful example of God hiding in others. When I was in college I went through a really tough time and she offered me a place to live, study, relax, process, hide, and just be me. Last night we were able to talk for a long time. I was planning on going to bed early but God put her in front of me for 3 hours last night in an answer to prayer. She has been in my prayers regularly as I know she does not go to church and wasn’t responding to phone calls and messages. But I have been determined not to give up so I called and left a message a couple of times a year and did my best to stay in touch. Her need to call and talk to me about the Bible study and life was so significant! The communication door is open a crack! Praise God for the patient work of the Holy Spirit!

More about Mentoring

Our definition of the work of a Christian mentor is intentionally general because no two mentoring relationships look exactly alike. Below are a few things mentoring relationships have in common.

Mentoring may be time spent with:

  • A less mature Christian, explaining and demonstrating how to apply God’s Word to situations in life.
  • A Christian where you mutually encourage one another in the faith.
  • An unbeliever to show them Christ’s love and gently share your faith.

Mentoring involves:

  • Sharing God’s Word, explaining and applying it.
  • Showing Christ’s love to a friend and praying for them.
  • Intentionally opening up your life and sharing it with a friend.
  • Letting your light shine before believers and unbelievers.

Mentoring can be rewarding and mentoring can be heart-breaking. But one thing is certain – mentoring can be successful only because the Holy Spirit works through the Word of God.

Dawn Schulz, Conference Planning Chairwoman

Dawn Schulz captured a beautiful image of what a mentor is in her article, “Thanks for the guidance” featured in ‘Forward in Christ.’  Don’t underestimate the power of your kind words and encouragement to others!

The message of Christ Jesus as Savior will compel you to share His love with others! That will look different in each person’s life – and each of us will have different opportunities. Love the people God puts in your life and share His love with them. Never underestimate the power of the Holy Spirit as He works in your relationships!


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