Reflecting Christ in Marriage

Enjoying the beautiful design

The Garden of Eden was gorgeous and marriage was perfect – and then sin entered the world.  We might think the opening verses of Genesis would be the last time we see the true beauty of marriage but thousands of years later in the New Testament (and many places in between), God’s Word continues to gives us rich gems to help us build strong, fulfilling marriages and understand their purpose.

Women’s Ministry wants to help your marriage reflect Christ’s love!

Spending time at home in the Word of God will also be a blessing to your faith and marriage.  Here are some free resources developed by Adult Discipleship to encourage you and help you grow.

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Building a Great Marriage – Part 2

Intimacy in Marriage
More About Intimacy in Marriage
Less About Intimacy in Marriage

Devotion: Power to Love
Devotion: Sarah’s Beauty
Devotion: Bucked, Buckled, Blessed

Forward in Christ article:
Building a strong, God pleasing marriage

“Prayers to Bless your Husband” and “Prayers to Bless your Wife” are now available in multipacks for your congregation or events! They are also a fantastic enclosure for wedding or anniversary gifts!

Prayers for Marriage

Prayer for marriage

Lord God, you are the creator and giver of all good gifts.  We thank you for the gift of marriage and the joy it brings to husbands and wives.  Thank you for the gifts of companionship and intimacy, given that we might delight in these blessings from your hand.  Thank you for those who live their marriages in a way that reflects your love and provides encouragement to others to see the beautiful design of your plan.

But Lord, there are also many who are hurting and struggling in their marriages.  Relationships are filled with resentment, a feeling of loneliness and a lack of fulfillment.  Forgiveness is smothered by blame and self-centeredness, while others long for healing with a spouse who is unwilling.  Alcoholism, abuse and countless other sins divide partners and destroy souls.  Father, reach in with your healing hand to change hearts.  These are souls that you love, children that you have redeemed through the blood of Your Son, and marriages that you alone can restore. Comfort those who turn to you for help, and strengthen those who seek You in your Word. Remind us that we can trust you when we feel like we can trust no one, we can love and forgive only when we receive those gifts from you first.  Grant wisdom and hope when it seems helpless and overwhelming. Be with those who are heart-broken and empty.  Drive us to your Word where we find you, and let your grace bring us all that we need.  In Jesus name, Amen.


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