We are the body of Christ and each one of you is a part of it

This passage from 1 Corinthians 12:27 has served as an encouragement to countless Christians as we recognize our important calling from God to be part of his body.

Let us share with you some of the ways the body of Christ is serving the Lord. We see the light of faith shining all over the world! Be encouraged! Be motivated by the Gospel to intentionally use your gifts and pray for the opportunity to talk about grace and forgiveness in Christ.


Teaching Pastors’ Wives in Africa

Kathie Wendland had a wonderful opportunity with some amazing women in Africa!  Our pastors in Africa depend on their wives to help with the ministry work to the women in the congregation. Helping those wives grow in their faith is a beautiful example of how God uses women to teach other women!


Jesus Cares

Jesus Cares serves people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, their families and communities by encouraging Bible studies, worship and fellowship opportunities.

Their program New Friends is affiliated with WELS supported Lutheran schools, but families of all denominations are welcome. Participants consist of high school and college volunteers from surrounding communities, and special needs children/teens, along with their families/mentors.  


Staff Ministry

Kristen Koepsell is one of many women serving as a Staff Minister.

Worship coordinator . . . Sunday school director . . . church administrator . . . youth leader: When a congregation or para-church organization has a need for a specific type of ministry that doesn’t include preaching, it may decide to fill that need by calling a staff minister.

At Martin Luther College, the WELS College of Ministry, we can prepare you for staff ministry in one of the 1200+ churches of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. We will give you the basic theological training and the practical skills you need to develop and use the unique ministry gifts God has given you.  Specifically, we’ll train you to serve in youth work, evangelism, family ministry, visitation, administration, and Christian education.


Women Serving in Asia

We rejoice in the spread of the Gospel in Asia! The Asian Lutheran Seminary trains men for pastoral ministry and teaches women the truths of God’s Word to equip them for works of service! Our sisters in Christ organize ministry activities and events, and serve in many ways similar to Staff Ministers and lay volunteers. They follow Scripture’s calling as they:

  • teach women’s Bible classes and lead small groups for women.
  • Oversee after school study programs focused on evangelism and outreach to neighborhood children.
  • Hospital visitation with women, all types of visitation with women, and non-professional counseling with women.

Keep these women in your prayers! Learn more about them here!


Congregational Assistant Program

A Congregational Assistant is a called worker who works within his or her own congregation assisting the congregation and its pastor in various areas of service.

There are many areas of service to which an assistant can be called. The work an assistant may do mainly depends on the needs of the congregation and the talents of the worker. Some of the areas of service that assistants have been called to include outreach and evangelism, senior ministry, youth and family ministry, adult spiritual growth, assimilation, visitation ministry, and mentoring and coordinating volunteers.

An assistant call could take the form of a volunteer position, a part-time salaried position, or a full-time salaried position. Because calling bodies may find needs for assistants of either gender, the program is open to men and women alike.


WELS Chaplain Certificate

There is a growing need to share the love of Christ with people who are experiencing special life situations, such as private and public residences. WELS called workers and lay workers are increasingly drawn to participate in such ministries.

As these opportunities for gospel ministry increase, those specializing in this ministry are required to be better trained and to carry qualifying credentials, certificates, and appropriate degrees for various forms of chaplain care. The WELS Chaplain Certificate has been designed and implemented to prepare and qualify pastors and lay workers for these specialized ministries.


Senior Outreach and Nurture (SON ministries)

Visiting area nursing homes with the message of Christ is an amazing way to share his love! The SON program, Senior Outreach and Nurture is simply an organized effort in areas to regularly visit nursing homes.

Some home-school groups and Lutheran Elementary School students have worked together to present short skits, crafts, songs and bible stories. If there are several nursing homes in the area, you can visit each of them with what you have prepared. Talk to your pastor today about visiting members or non-members at a nursing home near you!


Central Africa Medical Mission

With God’s help, hundreds of thousands of patients in Zambia and Malawi have been touched by the work of the Central Africa Medical Mission (CAMM). CAMM is a non-budgeted mission of WELS. Financial support is received from women’s groups, schools, church groups, and other friends of the medical mission.


Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society

As WELS women we believe that Jesus was speaking to each of us when he directed his disciples to “…go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:19-20

To this end we freely give of the time, talents, and treasures with which God has richly blessed us.


Women who are hurting


Institutional Ministries continues to use women volunteers to reach out to women who are hurting and need a Savior.  Watch this video to see how important and valuable these connections are and how God is using them to bless Kingdom work among us! For more information about getting involved in ministry to those in institutions, visit their website at im.life.  Volunteers are engaged in sharing Christ at prisons, nursing homes and many other places – wherever God opens doors! Keep them in your prayers!


WELS Women’s Ministry provides resources for individuals and congregations nationwide. Consider supporting these ministries with your prayers and gifts.


Contact WELS Women’s Ministry for more information.