Committee Members

Pastoral Advisors
Prof. Rich Gurgel
Pastor Ben Kratz
Pastor Donn Dobberstein

Executive Team
Dawn Schulz*
Kathie Wendland
Naomi Schmidt
Paula Sulzle
Sally Valleskey

Conference Team
Linda Gumm
Jackie Haag
Mary Watson
Kathie Wendland

Congregational Ministries Team
Sally Valleskey
Rachel Halldorson

Spiritual Mentor
Kathie Wendland

Products & Resources
Naomi Schmidt

[new project]
Paula Sulzle

Facebook Circles
Paula Sulzle*
Sarah Juergens
Debi Witte
Mary Jo Barnes

Theological Review Team
Rev. David Valleskey
Rev. James Westendorf
Rev. Tim Flunker


Our Conference Planning Team presents a Women’s Ministry Conference every three years. The team gives great attention to detail so the conferences are professional and seamless. However the greater effort goes into the bible study that serves as the foundation of the conference. The team, speakers and break out leaders gather for intense bible study which brings clarity, depth and personal applications to the conference topic!

Our Congregational Ministries Team works directly with congregations and leadership as they engage women’s gifts in congregational ministry work. Talk on Tuesday is the personal coaching offered to congregations and individuals.

Our Products & Resources Team seeks new ways to build Women’s Ministry with resources, ideas and products.

Our Facebook Circles network women serving in the same type of ministry.

Pray for us

  • Pray that in all our planning and serving we are faithful to God and the teachings of His Word.
  • Pray that God would provide the leaders we need to guide us and workers to complete the ministry we are privileged to do.
  • Pray that God would guide the decisions and work of our committee that we are Gospel focused, wise and effective.
  • Pray that our financial needs are met as we work to nurture, encourage and equip others.
  • Pray that we continue our service with a zeal and passion that comes from the joy of the Gospel.
  • Pray that our service and relationships are marked with love, respect, encouragement and appreciation for the many gifts given to the body of Christ.


WELS Women’s Ministry provides resources for individuals and congregations nationwide. Consider supporting these ministries with your prayers and gifts.


Contact WELS Women’s Ministry for more information.