Advent by Candlelight

New for 2018 ~ An Evening with Isaiah

An Evening with Isaiah focuses on the many, beautiful Scripture verses from Isaiah that enrich our Christmas worship. The rich music based on those texts brings depth and joy to the celebration! The (YouTube) video clip is optional (not quite 4 minutes), but please view it as you plan your evening; it has a powerful message.

Proclaim Christ with clarity, joy and beauty! Written by Naomi Schmidt.


The PowerPoint Package can be downloaded and adapted to meet your needs. The full service is included in the slides and you can change or delete slides to accommodate your needs.

Service Folder

The Service Folder is a Word template that includes all the main sections of the program, including the responsive readings. You can edit the service folder according to your needs.


The Spanish Translation is now available. Find it here.

Opening Litany – Say it – Sing it – Share it!

Leader:  Oh Lord, how shall we greet you and welcome you tonight?

Group:  We’ve gathered here to praise you, O Christ Child, our delight.

Leader:  Lord, draw us to the manger to see the Savior’s face,

Group:  Remind us that we need you and fill us with your grace.

Leader:  In love you dwelt among us, a man that we could see

Group:  Our Brother, Teacher, Savior, you came to set us free

Leader:  Oh, love beyond all telling, the Lord has brought us grace!

Group:  Now righteous and forgiven, we dwell in Love’s embrace. 

Advent by Candlelight is an event to help women focus on Christ during the busy holiday season.
It can be designed as an outreach to the community or an opportunity to encourage believers.
Through narration, readings, prayer, and music, Christ will shine as the Savior.
Flexibility makes this an excellent ministry tool!

How do you start?
Talk to your pastor! Gather a few ladies to help with music, narration, decorating or hosting tables and set a date.
Download the Complete Planning Guide for Advent by Candlelight by Paula Sulzle

Trust that God will always bless the proclamation of His Word
Enjoy creating a beautiful ambiance, but know that the power is in the message of the Gospel.

Services and Programs

Advent Prayer Service
This service is a celebration of Advent in lessons and songs. The narrative explains the traditional candles of the Advent wreath (Prophecy, Bethlehem, Angel, Shepherd, Christ) and includes readings, music and prayers. Written by Marilyn Miller.

Let Your Lights Appear  –
This service includes the traditional candles of the Advent Wreath and then includes new, alternative ways to think about the candles with a focus on letting the light of our faith shine at home, work, in our community and at church. Submitted by St. John’s, Wauwatosa.

Prepare My  Heart, Lord Jesus
Follow the traditional candles of the Advent Wreath (Prophecy, Bethlehem, Angel, Shepherd and Christ candle) and closes with a Gathering Rite on Holy Baptism. Written by Su Hanson.

What Does It Look Like? Do What Works For You!

Download the Complete Planning Guide for Advent by Candlelight by Paula Sulzle!

Here’s a note about tables and seating –
Some groups do all the decorating while others have hostesses who each decorate one table and provide refreshments for those guests. We suggest an RSVP when there is general seating; but if hostesses provides tables they may invite specific guests. However, be sure to leave space at individual tables for unassigned guests! (If a table for 8 only has 6 guests, you can assume two additional guests can join you!). Just make sure everyone feels welcome!

Visit the Resource Center for a complete alphabetical list of all our services!


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