WELS Nurses Association

WELSNA Mission Statement

Nurses working together as servants of Christ.

WELSNA Statement of Purpose

  • Spiritual Support: Provide opportunities for nurses to develop and to grow in faith to face challenges in their lives and work place.
  • Education: Promote, develop and facilitate educational programs through establishment of a speaker’s bureau, a resource library for continuing education and wellness information for the community.
  • Consultation: Develop training programs that can be used by different segments such as parish nurses, home care nurses, hospital nurses, nurse educators and student nurses.
  • Advocacy: Promote development of leadership pool to be utilized in capacity identified by the WELS Nurses Association.
  • Health Resources: Develop a pool of volunteers and/or resources (health booklets etc) to be used for community served and/or to disseminate during schedule events.
  • Volunteer Care: Develop a database to serve in a variety of situations based on needs of the community being served.
  • Community Liaison/Referral: Develop relationships with other organizations with a focus on programs to provide services of community served

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