Military Families

Do you know someone who serves in the Armed Forces? Are you looking for a way to provide support and encouragement to a family member or friend who is serving their country? Whether it’s a heartfelt card, letter, or care package, your gift can mean a lot to someone as they live and work far from home. Check out the list below for ideas of what you do for your loved ones.

Devotional booklets, issues of Forward in Christ magazine, and copies of sermons are appreciated. Service personal registered with WELS Military Services receiveMeditations booklets free of charge.

Pictures of various and familiar things are always great, especially pictures of friends or family members, perhaps holding signs with an encouraging message such as, “Thanks for your service!” or “God bless our troops!”

Care packages are always a welcome treat. Following are some items to include:

Beef jerky Lotion, lip balm, and sunscreen
Hard candyBandanas and hair bands
Cereal and instant oatmealFace and body wipes
Dried fruitsShaving items
Tea and instant coffeeMagazines
Microwave popcornBooks
Microwavable soup and macaroniCDs and DVDs
Nuts and sunflower seedsCalling cards
Power bars and granola barsCalendars
Chips, cookies, and crackersDisposable cameras
Gum and breath mintsPencils, paper, and envelopes
Ice pop quick-freeze juice packetsFrisbees, balls, and outdoor games