About the Movie

Come Follow Me is a collaborative effort of the Commission on Evangelism, Commission on Adult Discipleship, Multi-Language Publications, and Northwestern Publishing House. The planning and writing team included: Pastors David Kehl, Paul Hartman, John Braun, and Mike Hintz. The movie is produced by Boettcher/Trinklein Television Inc. and Steve Boettcher is the director. Main Characters: Bruce Marchiano (Jesus), Emilio Doorgasingh (Peter), and Neil Van Ides (John).

Come Follow Me is a second movie in a series of outreach movies. The first, Road to Emmaus, has a distribution of more than a quarter million copies worldwide. Translated in seven languages, the Emmaus movie is used in our world & home mission fields. It’s also used by our local congregations for evangelism efforts, classes, Bible study and school classrooms. Individuals use the movie in their personal outreach efforts.

Plans are to develop two more movies:

  • The birth of Jesus – Mary, the main character
  • The spread of the gospel to the ends of the earth – Paul, the main character

Funding for these movies comes entirely from grants and gifts. If you are interested in helping with the production of the next two movies, you may make a donation here. (please select “CAD: Outreach Movie Production” from the drop-down menu)