About the Movie

Come Follow Me is a collaborative effort of the Commission on Evangelism, Commission on Adult Discipleship, Multi-Language Publications, and Northwestern Publishing House. The planning and writing team included: Pastors David Kehl, Paul Hartman, John Braun, and Mike Hintz. The movie is produced by Boettcher/Trinklein Television Inc. and Steve Boettcher is the director. Main Characters: Bruce Marchiano (Jesus), Emilio Doorgasingh (Peter), and Neil Van Ides (John).

Come Follow Me is a second movie in a series of outreach movies. The first, Road to Emmaus, has a distribution of more than a quarter million copies worldwide. Translated in seven languages, the Emmaus movie is used in our world & home mission fields. It’s also used by our local congregations for evangelism efforts, classes, Bible study and school classrooms. Individuals use the movie in their personal outreach efforts.