2018 International Youth Rally

Twenty-four months in the making, the 2018 WELS International Youth Rally is now history. Yet, the memories, the lessons, the connections, the friendships continue. From Wednesday’s spine-tingling sensation of joining 2100 others in the first notes of “Just As I Am Without One Plea” to the bittersweet final chord of “Lord, Dismiss Us With Your Blessing” on Friday:

  • The nodding (“I feel that way, too”) with Pastor Dustin Blumer’s encouraging keynote: Never Alone—Therefore “Be Strong and Courageous” (Joshua 1:6-9)
  • The tears and comfort from Steve and Sarah Schroeder’s inspiring keynote: Never Alone—Therefore “Do Not Worry” (Matthew 6:25-34)
  • Fun with WELS President Schroeder, Freddie and Freida Falcon, and Pastor Kent Reeder
  • Party at the Doyt Perry football stadium (popcorn, anyone?)!
  • Wednesday’s downpour! Hymns and choir rehearsal with Koiné
  • Laughs with ComedySportz and John Felts
  • Water wars, broomball, frisbees, basketball . . .

2 pools
1 rock climbing wall
1 ice arena
3 church group reflections
4 workshops
7 meals
3 nights of snacks
1 outdoor movie
12 exhibitors
Your trips to and from BGSU
=2018 WELS International Youth Rally


Though the rally is in the rearview mirror, Jesus’ promise that we are “Never Alone” remains, “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” The Word we shared continues in our minds and in our hearts. Yes, “Lord, dismiss us with your blessing. Fill our hearts with joy and peace. Let us each, your love possessing, Triumph in redeeming grace. Oh, refresh us. Traveling through this wilderness.”

See you in Knoxville, Tennessee, in late June for the 2020 WELS International Youth Rally!

Relive parts of the rally:

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Day 1 and opening worship
WELS International Youth Rally 2018 - Day 1

Day 2 – Never Alone
WELS International Youth Rally 2018 - Day 2

A look at Day 3
WELS International Youth Rally 2018 - Day 3

Day 4 – Farewell and return home
WELS International Youth Rally 2018 - Day 4