About Multi-Language Publications

Our Vision

Provide a lending library and assist in the production and distribution of confessional Christian literature and other mass-media in the languages in which the fellowship of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod is working and in languages in which our fellowship may never establish a missionary presence.

Our Mission
  1. Gather and catalog all available publications of interest to Confessional Lutherans for cross-cultural outreach.
  2. Provide a central lending library.
  3. Translate, print and distribute prioritized publications a) in any language in which missions in fellowship with the WELS are found, and b) in other languages for which the fellowship of the WELS may not have a church or missionary presence.
  4. Provide for and develop translation teams, especially in major language areas.
  5. Promote the publication and distribution of various works for cross-cultural outreach.
  6. Market various productions in and beyond the fellowship of the WELS.
  7. Provide aids to teach English as a second language.
  8. Produce materials in clarified form for those who use English as a second language.

262 projects in 16 languages are under development.


WELS Multi-Language Publications provides resources for individuals and congregations worldwide. Consider supporting MLP with your prayers and gifts.


Contact WELS Multi-Language Publications for more information.