Digital Outreach

TELL Network

Developments in technology have allowed MLP to focus much of their support in the form of digital outreach. MLP has introduced a new online Bible-based training platform called TELL (Think, Evaluate, Learn, and Lead), in an effort to bring the gospel to English-speakers around the world. TELL students are encouraged to complete self-led courses, participate in deeper studies with a live online instructor, and then lead a group in Bible study or worship. TELL is modeled after Academia Cristo, a Spanish online training tool used by our Latin America missions team. The TELL initiative has also launched its first TELL Mandarin online video course.

These three training initiatives make up the TELL Network. TELL courses are also being translated into Tagalog to continue online outreach and training in the Philippines. With the Lord’s blessing, this network will allow for the creation of new TELL platforms in additional languages in the future. 

Both TELL and Academia Cristo have launched mobile apps to make access to online Bible study even easier. The apps are being promoted primarily through Facebook, where 1.2 million people follow TELL and 1.3 million people follow Academia Cristo. National pastors in WELS fellowship around the world are assisting the TELL Network by creating culturally appropriate and diverse online content. A full-time TELL missionary is focusing on furthering relationships with national pastors, lay workers, and volunteers as well as developing relationships with online students.

TELL online Bible-based training platform is primarily promoted through social media. If you would like to volunteer with posting on Facebook or answering online questions, email us!


There can be many benefits that come from hearing God’s Word spoken to you rather than reading it off of a written page. Proclaimers are solar-powered audio Bibles that help our mission fields reach more people with the saving gospel message. Some pastors use this tool to play selections of the Bible before worship. The device can also help overcome language/dialect barriers by removing the pastor’s native accent and making it easier for the congregation to understand and follow along in Scripture. It is also a way to reach out to our visually-impaired brothers and sisters. MLP supports the purchase and distribution of Proclaimers throughout our WELS world mission fields.


WELS Multi-Language Productions provides resources for individuals and congregations worldwide. Consider supporting MLP with your prayers and gifts.


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