Sharing the saving message of the gospel with the world.

“He said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation’” (Mark 16:15).

Multi-Language Productions (MLP), an arm of WELS World Missions, has created more than 2.9 million video, audio and print materials, and online training resources in more than 54 languages to date. Through these resources MLP can assist and enhance outreach for all churches, especially in places where WELS does not have resident missionaries. The majority of MLP products are evangelism and Bible Study resources to be used by anyone who sees a need for ministering to others in Christ.


WELS Multi-Language Productions provides confessional Christian mass-media and literature in the languages of countries where WELS is working and in other areas, or language groups where the synod does not have an official presence.

What We Do


Digital Outreach

Multi-Language Productions focuses much of their support to world mission fields in the form of digital outreach.

Print Outreach

Multi-Language Productions promotes, supports, and coordinates the development of confessional Lutheran materials for outreach in many languages.

Music Outreach

Multi-Language Productions is creating culturally appropriate worship music and art to be used in sharing the gospel across WELS world mission fields.

You’ll find confessional Lutheran multi-media resources in 54 languages in the 2019 Multi-Language Productions catalog.

Latest News

Go and TELL

WELS Multi-Language Publications has officially changed its name…


Free resources from WELS Multi-Language Productions are available for order through Northwestern Publishing House (NPH).


WELS Multi-Language Productions provides resources for individuals and congregations worldwide. Consider supporting MLP with your prayers and gifts.


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