Vietnamese Ministry

Starting in December of 1992, members from both Messiah in Nampa, Idaho, and Cross of Christ in Boise, Idaho, sponsored numerous Vietnamese families. Weekly Bible classes were held from 1992-1995 using a Vietnamese interpreter, Mr. Robert Vinh Phan, who is one of the most highly respected men in the Boise Vietnamese community and very supportive of the work.

In September 1996, Vicar Daniel Kramer began a one-year exploratory mission of this Vietnamese field. This exploratory uncovered useful ministry tools and inroads into the Vietnamese culture, including many useful contacts in the Boise area, the United States as a whole, and Vietnam. After completing his studies at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, Kramer was assigned to the Boise Vietnamese exploratory mission in 1998.

The current ministry at Peace in Jesus Vietnamese Lutheran Church includes: Bible information class (BIC) courses in English and Vietnamese, a teleconferenced Bible class, Pastoral Studies Institute (PSI) courses, and worship services in Vietnamese and English. They also work to build and maintain trust with individuals and the community.

Following a displacement due to fire in 2010, Peace in Jesus purchased and renovated a building to serve as their permanent church home. The current facility provides the congregation a wonderful place to worship and grow, as well as go with the gospel to many in the Vietnamese community of Boise and beyond.

In August 2016, Peace in Jesus established a new, international outreach arm of their ministry called Friends Of Vietnam. Friends of Vietnam is an exciting and new ministry striving to accomplish two main goals: 1) prepare and send individuals to Vietnam to teach English and also share the Good News in private settings, and 2) assist students in Vietnam to come study in schools of our fellowship in the United States.

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Prayer for Vietnamese ministry

Please pray for the Vietnamese people in the United States, that more of them hear the gospel message and that the Holy Spirit works in their hearts; and for the pastors and members involved in Vietnamese ministry.