St. Lucia

St Lucia, a former colony of England, is an independent country in the Lesser Antilles of the West Indies. Often referred to as the “Helen of the West Indies” this beautiful island has a population of less than 200,000 people. Of those, 50 percent are under the age of 21 and the unemployment rate is 25 percent.

Although officially a Catholic country, only 50 percent of the population attends church two, or more times a month. The fastest growing segment of religion in St. Lucia is the unchurched. Of those who do attend church, only one out of ten are able to point to their Savior as the assurance of salvation.

Despite the average yearly household income is less than $6000 a year, the future for Trinity Lutheran Church is bright. The congregation wishes to establish a sports ministry and a primary school with a future goal of building a secondary school and university. The Lord has blessed the church with workers to carry out the ministry and leadership is hopeful that the training of West Indian pastors and teachers will continue for generations to come.

Trinity Lutheran Church is a part of the Caribbean Conference of WELS South Atlantic District. The Caribbean Conference consists of three congregations, three preschools, two primary schools, 30 called workers and approximately 1000 WELS Lutherans.

Currently, Trinity Lutheran Church is making progress toward becoming self supporting while also spreading the gospel across the region. Partial construction on the church is complete and being used for a preschool, youth group activities, small group Bible studies as well as worship on Sunday mornings. The congregation is 160 souls with approximately 20 students.

Being somewhere at the correct moment isn’t as important as being in the moment on the island of St. Lucia. However, members of Trinity Lutheran Church know that the time is now for community outreach! There is a huge opportunity to spread a very clear gospel message to a place where grace has been covered up. by focusing on youth ministry through a very active youth group, vacation Bible school and a steel pan group.

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Praying for St. Lucia

Please for this congregation, that they continue to reach out to others in their community; through the church and school.


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