Serve the Lord with gladness

Serve the Lord with gladness

Besides its two national pastors, God has blessed the Russian Lutheran Church with faithful, talented women who want to serve their Lord and their fellow believers as deaconesses. Thank God for these women and the work he accomplishes through them!


“I used to work in a factory from morning until night. The managers forbid us from talking about religion, so I had very little opportunity to talk about the Savior. Now I can speak freely about the Bible. I am very happy to be telling others about the Savior; it’s the most important work any of us can do!”

In 2006, Irina left her first profession as a chemist in order to study at our Bible Institute and serve as a deaconess in Akademgorodok and Berdsk.

Now Irina shares her faith with all who will listen. She welcomes visitors to our church, distributes Christian literature, and helps to post spiritual articles in local newspapers. She sends out weekly sermons and devotions to shut-ins, the sick, members who have moved, and friends of our congregations who live far away—including Russian speakers in the United States!


Acts 6 tells how the early Christian church chose seven men “full of the Spirit and wisdom”to distribute material help so that the apostles could focus on their spiritual work. We are following this example in Russia. Deaconess Marina Bayanova, a trained psychologist and social worker, serves as our humanitarian aid manager. Marina is kind, caring and discerning. Studying at our Bible Institute trained her to share the gospel with those in need. Thanks to Marina’s service, the needy receive material help, and we find new opportunities to share God’s Word.

Marina is a hard worker who constantly thinks of other people. She has a patient ear for those who need to talk and reasonable advice for those who ask. She visits the sick and comforts the hurting. Marina’s motto is: “What can I do to help those around me?”


Elena serves as a deaconess in Iskitim, her hometown. She completed our Bible Institute in 2000 and has taught the children of our congregation for nearly 15 years. Even though Elena is now married with her own daughter, she continues serving the church part time.

Elena teaches Sunday school, vacation Bible school, and special children’s seminars. She writes the VBS curriculum and prepares the lesson books for all our congregations.

Each month Elena travels to a mining village south of Iskitim to teach “Sunday school”lessons as an extracurricular activity in the village school.

Elena also serves the women of the congregation. She knows them well, feels at ease speaking with them, and visits them when they are sick. The women of our congregation love Elena and appreciate her service.

Jennifer Wolfgramm

If you know a Russian speaker who would like to receive weekly sermons and devotions via e-mail, contact Deaconess Irina Yevpak, Learn more about the Russian Lutheran Church

Author: Jennifer Wolfgramm
Volume 102, Number 3
Issue: March 2015

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