Seminary hosts Asian conference

From Nov. 12-13, pastors originally from Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Korea attended an Asian Conference held at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, Mequon, Wis.

These men are the spiritual leaders and drivers of outreach to Asian peoples in North America and also overseas. Participants gathered in their respective ethnic groups to discuss plans for reaching out and expanding their ministry. Rev. Keith Free, WELS Board for Home Missions administrator, and Rev. Paul Prange, the coordinator of global cross-cultural outreach, were available to assist with those plans. Rev. Michael Hintz, director of the Commission on Evangelism, discussed ways participants might involve all the members of the congregation in outreach.

The conference wasn’t only about planning, but also about encouraging each other in the Word. Prof. Steve Geiger led a discussion on teaching adults, sharing that while some application varies from culture to culture, there are concepts, strategies, and methods that apply to everyone.

As everyone went home renewed to serve, Prof. E. Allen Sorum, says, “It is very exciting to see how the people our church body is already serving here in North America are building bridges for the gospel in many parts of our world.”