The right gift at the right time

Dear Friend,

Have you ever received the right gift at the right time? Imagine a little girl at Christmas unwrapping a new toaster, or a bride opening a wedding gift only to find a dollhouse. Wrong gift. Wrong time.

God is the perfect Giver: “When the set time had fully come, God sent his Son, born of a woman, born under the law, to redeem those under the law, that we might receive adoption to sonship” (Galatians 4:4-5). What a loving God we have, and he continues to give his church the right gifts at the right time. At Pentecost the disciples were enabled to speak in tongues and emboldened to preach. Today God gives gifts to his church to spread the gospel in ways never imagined by the disciples!

Consider TELL Network, an online ministry by WELS Multi-Language Productions. I began serving as the first TELL online missionary at the end of 2019—the beginning of a global pandemic that drove many people searching online for hope.

With one of the largest Lutheran social media presences in the world (1.5 million Facebook followers and likes), TELL engages viewers across the globe with devotional videos and content. Each piece encourages them to download the TELL app where they take self-learning Bible studies. Currently there are over 10,000 active users on the TELL app. Next they join a live group class where they learn the Bible and Lutheran catechism with an instructor like me. We build agreement around the truths of God’s Word. Students are equipped to share their faith with others and start a small group Bible study using the TELL method.

If possible, an in-person visit is made. Prayers are lifted up for the Spirit to create and grow a gospel community. The leader is trained to identify and train the next TELL student within their group. The process repeats.

Samuel Kalivogui, a TELL student from Guinea in West Africa, says:

I met TELL through Facebook. The very first time I watched a video on Facebook I got interested. Pastor Dan Laitinen contacted me via WhatsApp. We later started live classes. I got interested because they are offering true Bible gospel training free of charge. That’s something I have been looking for. My understanding of the Bible has greatly increased. The method is so interesting! Currently I’m using the lessons of TELL to do all my preaching and I’ve been invited twice to preach on my local radio station.

Samuel estimates his radio broadcasts alone reached 400,000 people in a heavily non-Christian country. And he is just one of over 200 students from nearly 30 countries who are signed up for TELL live group classes. Praise God for these exciting results!

God-willing, you can help us expand TELL’s reach. Each live group student costs about $600. Other expenses include building apps and online student learning systems, overseeing a social media team, and sending missionaries. Most of all, we must wisely and consistently spend advertising dollars in an aggressive online space.

Your special prayers and gifts towards Multi-Language Productions matter. It will enable TELL to increase our reach online, keep content in front of millions of eyes, and welcome more live group students like Samuel who are eager to spread the gospel.

Thank God for his right Gift at the right time. And thank you for yours.

To us a child is born!
Dan Laitinen
Missionary, TELL

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