Report to the Twelve Districts available online

The 2018 Report to the Twelve Districts is now available online. Each WELS congregation and male called worker will receive one printed copy at the end of May. Report to the Twelve Districts contains current information from WELS areas of ministry and committees that help guide district convention delegates. To streamline the printed book, the Conference of Presidents approved a plan this year to print only major reports from areas of ministry and those needed for discussion at the upcoming district conventions. Other reports, in addition to a pdf of the printed version, can be found at

All of WELS’ 12 districts hold a convention in even-numbered years. (The synod convention takes place in odd-numbered years.) Each male called worker, in addition to a lay delegate representing each congregation, attends his district’s convention as a voting delegate. District conventions are held to carry out the business of a district, such as electing district officials, as well as to hear updates on synodical ministries and to react to synodical initiatives. Delegates also enjoy worship and fellowship during their conventions.

“District conventions offer delegates the opportunity to learn, to ask questions, to debate issues, to offer advice and guidance to those called to serve them,” says WELS President Mark Schroeder. “In the end, delegates have the opportunity to see God at work, uniting WELS members in a stronger faith and in a greater commitment to carrying out his work together.”

To prepare for the convention, delegates are encouraged to read Report to the Twelve Districts and the other reports available at