Reflections with Verse of the Day: Mark 12:30

One of my morning habits is to open the WELS Mobile app on my smartphone to listen to the Daily Devotion and Through My Bible readings. However, I particularly like the Verse Of The Day that appears on the home screen. It gives me rich food for reflection and journaling. If you read today’s verse from Mark 12:30, I’m sure you were struck with the simplicity of Jesus’ words, but also their overwhelming message. Here is what I journaled this morning:

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.”

Love is a word that is tossed around pretty freely these days. Sometimes its “in love,” but then over half of all marriages between people who were once “in love” end in “out of love.” Sometimes love equals obsession or idolatry. We would give up all else if we could just be hunting right now, or fishing, or shopping, or using a new smart phone. What is my definition of love?

Jesus used the “love” word when talking about a relationship between me and God. He also knew that his hearers, including me, would need some help with that word. So he gives me a little peek into what kind of love and relationship I need to have. One that is “all in.” With all my heart. With all my soul. With all my mind. With all my strength. Sounds exhausting, but that’s exactly it. Exhaust myself. Spend everything I’ve got loving God. Spend all my time. Spend all my talents. Spend all my resources. Jesus also called this the greatest commandment. I also remember the second one he gave. Love your neighbor…with that same kind of love.

God is demanding, but he is also giving. He loved me first with an “all in” love. He gave his very son over to death on a cross…for me. That’s all in.

Lord, help me go “all in” today for you. May my whole heart, soul, mind, and all my strength be dedicated to loving you, and those you bring into my life today! Amen.

The verse is three lines long on the screen of my phone. But spending just a few minutes thinking, writing, and praying over it allow it to fill me up, and hopefully my day too. Getting into a routine of reflecting on God’s Word can be such a blessing. It takes discipline and dedication, but after a while if you don’t do it, something just isn’t right. The Holy Spirit has you then.

If you are interested, I journal using digital tools. No big surprise there right? Two that I can recommend are DayOne and Diaro. DayOne is an app only available on the Mac and iOS, while Diaro is available on the web and both iOS and Android. I find I like having tools like these available wherever I am as I can capture thoughts, but also images, location and other things that will allow me to reflect on God’s grace, and also remember it.

If you use other tools or methods, I’d love to hear about them. Leave a comment below. Blessings on your reflections and walk with God.

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