Reaching Mormon missionaries

A new opportunity is available for Christians to witness to Mormons-without even leaving their homes. All they have to do is open their front doors.

This initiative from Truth in Love Ministry (TILM)-called “Please Open the Door”-asks Christians to invite Mormon missionaries into their homes for a meal and spiritual discussion. “The vision is to equip thousands of Christians to witness to Mormon missionaries,” says Mark Cares, TILM director.

About 80,000 Mormons are on two-year mission trips around the world, according to Cares. Many are young-18 or 19 years old-with little background or training. While some are passionate about what they are doing, others go mainly because of peer pressure.

Cares says that in his discussions with Mormon missionaries after their trips, many walk away dissatisfied with Mormonism. Unfortunately, he says, most will not turn to Christianity if they do leave. “When we ask them how many times Christians talked to them, it was obvious the average was about once a year. Most of their experiences with Christians is rude.”

The goal of “Please Open the Door” is to change that perception and plant the seed of the gospel. “The missionaries basically are going to people who reject them. When they finally meet someone who’s nice to them and feeds them, you can tell them almost anything,” says Cares. “So let’s put a loving face on Christianity and witness more.”

About 60 teams already participate in the program. TILM is actively involved in the process, providing training before teams even request a missionary to visit them and coaching the teams through each visit. “Our strategy is to control the conversation over repeated visits by reacting to what they present,” says Cares.

Jon and Amanda Walker, members at Our Savior, Arlington, Tex., have opened their home to four different sister missionaries. While they were nervous at first, Jon says that once they got started it was easy because of the relationships that form. “They are very likeable people,” he says. “And when they present their material, they give you these windows where you can take their material and show them God’s love and show them what God’s Word actually says.”

According to Jon, the coaching TILM provides is encouraging and helpful. “They remind you that it’s not your way with words or your intelligence that’s going to bring people to God. It’s only the Holy Spirit’s work. You have the opportunity-the enormous blessing-to be a mouthpiece for God’s Word.”

Jon says being involved in the program has helped his relationship with his wife grow as well as his relationship with his Lord. “When we started sharing our faith on a weekly basis, it became less of we’re in the Word because this is what we’re supposed to do to we’re in the Word because of the amazing blessing that it is to us and the amazing opportunity we have to share it.”

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Volume 102, Number 3
Issue: March 2015

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