Planned giving made easy

Our goal is to share with you and other WELS members the different opportunities available to plan a gift that provides for loved ones and Christ’s work while possibly reducing taxes. That is why we work with WELS Ministry of Christian Giving to distribute informative print materials and provide face to face counsel.

One of the biggest challenges with encouraging planned giving is overcoming the thought that it is complex and difficult. Yes, some giving techniques can be technical. However, your giving counselor will work with WELS Foundation and your own legal/financial advisors to manage the details so that you can simply enjoy seeing your plans arranged and your charitable intentions met. In the end, you’ll discover how easy it is to follow through on your Spirit-led willingness to support the Lord’s work.

Do you wish to make financial arrangements that include a gift for WELS? Contact your local WELS Christian giving counselor to discuss your personal situation in a convenient, comfortable setting. There is no cost or obligation involved.