OWLS meet for 30th annual convention

The Organization of WELS Seniors (OWLS) met for its 30th annual convention Oct. 6-10 in Wisconsin Dells, Wis. Nearly 200 members from around the United States came together under the theme “Share the Living Water.”

The convention theme was echoed by keynote speaker, Rev. Wayne Mueller, who urged OWLS never to retire from sharing their Savior. Rev. Jim Aderman acquainted the group with the work of China Partners, and WELS Chief Technology Officer Mr. Martin Spriggs spoke about using technology for spiritual growth and outreach. Other workshops offered opportunities to learn about improving health, leader dogs for the blind, and sharing your faith in a conversation.

Continuing its tradition of supporting the WELS European Civilian Chaplaincy program, which serves military personnel and WELS civilians in Europe, OWLS raised $56,045.31 for the program. This year, they were privileged to hear from Mr. and Mrs. Mike Tracy, who experienced WELS ministry to the military firsthand while stationed around the United States and in Europe.

Rev. Jim Behringer, director of the Commission on Special Ministries, says, “The OWLS demonstrates that retirement is not the end of your Christian service, that there’s a lot of ways in which we serve the Lord all our lives. Their caring for each other, their continuous support of ministry, their act of working in their churches—these are all ways they demonstrate that seniors have a lot to contribute to the church.”

Learn more about OWLS at www.wels.net/owls.