Outreach website gets a new look

WhataboutJesus.com, developed by the Commission on Evangelism as an outreach website, has a brand new look, while maintaining all the gospel-oriented content that makes it popular.

Rev. Mike Hintz, director of the Commission on Evangelism, says, “WhatAboutJesus.com exists to connect the world to Jesus Christ. Developed and maintained by the WELS Commission on Evangelism, the objectives are to proclaim the Christian faith to everyone and to promote personal evangelism of Christians by sharing the site’s content with people they know.”

The “What About Jesus” website launched about 15 years ago and has continued to grow. Today, the site gets between 20,000 and 30,000 visits each month.

The main sections of WhatAboutJesus.com are “Jesus Who?”, “Questioning God?”, “Life Concerns,” “The Bible,” and “Worship.”

“Articles in the sections of ‘Jesus Who?’ and ‘Questioning God?’ address some of the questions that people have about the Christian faith. The articles, based on the truth of God’s Word, point readers to the true identity of Jesus as the world’s Savior and what God says about himself and us. ‘Life Concerns’ offers comfort and guidance from God’s Word for people experiencing trying times. For people’s spiritual growth, there are studies of biblical books and teachings in the section of ‘The Bible,’ ” says Hintz. “And in ‘Worship,’ there are helps for worshipers to prepare for upcoming church services. An important feature in this section is the devotion that is offered every day. Verses from God’s Word are explained and applied to our lives, leading us to a greater knowledge and appreciation for the love of God through Jesus Christ.”

The site has been updated to meet current online design trends, to be compatible with mobile devices, and to make it easier to share content. WELS Creative Services Coordinator Briana Lambrecht, who redesigned the site, says, “The new responsive design and site architecture allows for a more user-friendly experience that makes consuming and sharing whataboutjesus.com much easier. Our hope is that the new interactive site encourages others to share its Christ-centered content via social media spaces. It’s a great tool to share Jesus with friends, coworkers, and family in an ever-increasing social media-based world.”

Visit the new whataboutjesus.com.