The opportunity has never been greater

Dear Friend,

We know these are difficult times. We know this pandemic may be threatening your family’s health and jeopardizing your finances. Martin Luther College’s (MLC) Equipping Christian Witnesses campaign also has felt those struggles as we had to pause most of our in-person visits with God’s people. While all of this is in our Savior’s nail-marked hands, he has not revealed what the pandemic will mean for his church and our nation and world.

But MLC’s mission has not paused! We’re still training young men and women for ministry. And pandemic realities make affording college extra-challenging for many students. Some weren’t able to find steady work last summer. Some of their parents are laid off.

That’s why we’re asking you to consider a gift to the MLC Congregational Partner Grant Program (CPGP) Matching Fund.

Through the CPGP, MLC matches dollar for dollar, up to $1,000 per year, the gift a congregation applies to the tuition of their student at MLC. Your gift today will help provide the MLC matching funds for those congregational gifts.

God has richly blessed the CPGP! Last school year, students received almost one million dollars through this program alone. Participating students can receive $8,000 or even $10,000 over a four- or five-year period. That alleviates a large portion of the debt they may otherwise carry when they graduate.

College debt is a serious challenge. Right now, 75 percent of MLC students graduate with debt. Over the past five years their average debt is $25,500. What a burden to be saddled with as they begin their lives of ministry!

The sad reality is occasionally our students will give up their desire to be a pastor, teacher, staff minister, or missionary because they can’t afford to pay for college. And some prospective students will decide not even to enroll at MLC because it’s too expensive.

We’re sure you agree that the cost of college should never deter someone from pursuing ministry training. More than that, we all agree that the opportunity has never been greater to proclaim salvation in Christ Jesus to a dying world.

Will you help? Any donation, big or small, would be deeply appreciated—especially by our students!

As the pandemic continues, we pray that God keeps you and your family strong and healthy. And please continue to pray for MLC, your WELS College of Ministry, as well!

In Christ,
Rich Gurgel
President, Martin Luther College

P.S. Thank you for urging young people to think about the public ministry! Our students often tell us that the encouragement they received at home, church, and school is what led them to consider MLC!