Not Just Any Name!

Living in 2016, soon to be 2017 means that you’ve had to learn a whole new vocabulary…at least when it comes to technology. If you are going to try and find something on the internet, you must “google” it. If you need a ride, you might need to “uber” or “lyft” it. Things are in “the cloud.” You might be looking at a “retina” screen. There are new and sometimes very creative names for everything these days. Many with invented spellings so they can differentiate themselves from their more mundane counterparts. We have Flickr and Spotify and Rdio and… the list goes on. These names mean something to those who use their products and services. They aren’t in the dictionary, but they still having meaning.

As I was reading the verse of the day today, I was reminded of the power of a name.

Luke 1:31 – “You will conceive and give birth to a son, and you are to call him Jesus.”

This name Mary and Joseph were to call their newborn wasn’t a new name. It’s Old Testament predecessor, Joshua, had been around a long time. But the circumstances are different now. This name isn’t merely a “brand,” or even a vague hope of better things to come. This was a promise…made by God. Jesus means Savior. There has never been a more fitting name, right?

I suppose if Jesus’ life and mission would have been turned over to the marketing companies of today, they might have tried to drop a letter like “Jsus” or perhaps even just gone with a single letter “J”. Maybe even lowercase it to “j” to be different. They might have created a logo. A jingle. A Twitter hashtag. But I think God got it right the first time. Just Jesus. Just Savior. Nuff said. It was just what we needed, at just the right time.

Whatever name we use for Jesus it always will equal Savior. That is what he “represents.” Salvation. He lived up to his name didn’t he? So as you look into the manger this Christmas, remember the best name ever given. It’s the best because it is the most personal name ever given. It’s really not just “Savior,” but YOUR Savior. What a gift! A name. Sing it. Cherish it. Ponder it. Share it.

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