Northern Sound and Video


Northern Sound & Video is located in Green Bay, Wis., and is owned and operated by Roger Ihde. They specialize in sound and video projection design, consulting, sales, installation, and service of professional systems.

Churches makes up about 80% of our client base with schools, municipalities, and some commercial businesses and industrial accounts rounding out the balance. Read about churches served (PDF).

Resources that Northern Sound and Video provide:
  • Technical information on audio or video systems, system operation, or maintenance.
  • AV System equipment maintenance.
  • Consulting, design, sales, and installation of audio, video projection, and camera systems.
  • Digital signage systems (Putting flat panel TV’s in specific locations that during the week can be used to convey messages in the form of details of upcoming events, advertisements, or calendars. These same TV’s can be used during church services to show the live camera feed or video projection video from the worship space.)
  • AV equipment box sales (no installation, just the product).
  • Acoustical consulting.
  • Electronic repair department for the on-site, or in-shop repair of audio and video equipment. This includes the repair of guitar amplifiers (tube or solid state).

Roger Ihde by e-mail
or by phone at 920-496-3702.


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