New WELS app available

WELS released a brand-new version of the WELS Mobile app. There are several changes, including the name. It is now called the WELS App. The new WELS App is available at It can no longer be found in the Apple, Google, or Amazon app stores; those versions are being retired in July.

The WELS App offers a quick and easy way to get devotions, news, and synod information from your mobile device. Daily devotions, Bible readings, weekly worship helps, military and teen devotions are just a sampling of the Bible-based content available for your regular spiritual growth and encouragement. Also included are call reports, WELS Yearbook data, videos, and Q&A content.

The WELS App is mobile friendly (it’s developed to work on smart phones and tablets) but is technically called a “progressive web app” or PWA. PWAs provide all the features of a traditional app but can be updated more frequently and offer a similar experience on any device. They get progressively better as devices (and their web browsers) get more capabilities. New features in the WELS App include favoriting, sharing, and expanded content. More new features are in the works, including bookmarks; notifications when new devotions, news, or call reports are available; user configurable text size; offline access to devotional and Yearbook content; and availability as an app in the Windows Store.

There were two major reasons to offer this new version:

  • The synod has limited technical resources to maintain mobile applications that are offered in the traditional Apple/Google app stores. It requires deep technical knowledge of both platforms and testing on many, many different devices. Maintaining only one app will allow WELS to push out new features much more quickly.
  • The new app can run safely and consistently on many more devices/platforms. Because it is simply a website, it can run on older and newer devices and systems (Amazon, Apple, Google, etc.). This will allow more people to take advantage of great Bible-based content.

Video tutorials are available. One of the more important features demonstrated in these videos is how to add the app to your device’s home screen. View the videos at Watch for more videos as features are added to the app.

Thanks for giving the WELS App a try and telling others about it. Enjoy the experience and the beautiful messages it carries. Remember to simply visit on your mobile device.

Submitted by Mr. Martin Spriggs, the WELS App developer and WELS’ chief technology officer


Instructions for iOS devices (Apple)


Instructions for Android devices



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